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    Unbuffed stats (not in TOL):
    14k HP
    15.5k Mana
    981 spi
    1653 spell

    I'm heroic geared with 3-4 badge items, and I find heroics to be of varying difficulty - it's all down to who you play with.
    Usually I can determine how good a team is, and how hard a heroic is by the HPS and overhealing I put out. Anything between 1500 and 1700 means either a good team or easy heroic, and anything upwards of 2k means something is wrong.

    As for starting heroics, I was at around 1.3k spell power and 220mp5 or so, mostly picking up gear from normals and quest rewards as much as possible. Try to buy some pieces of gear from the AH to boost your stats.

    The heroics you should aim for are Nexus, UK, VH (hope for no Zuramat!) and DTK. These are the easier of the lot imo and have some juicy caster drops.

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    Re: resto droodz

    I use this spec for PvE. I find it a good spec for healing heroics, Naxxs etc. mainly because i tend to use regrowth as my primary heal and then stack my hots on my target. Having the swiftmend glyph helps for when you need a fairly big heal with no cast time as well as it doesn't take the rejuv or regrowth hot off the target (which also saves you mana, because you don't have to refresh the rejuv or regrowth on the target i.e. a tank)

    The regrowth glyph also becomes handy for a big heal (if you mainly focus heal the tank), and you've already regrowth'd him previously. The hoT should still be active since it lasts on the tank for 27seconds (if your spec'd for Natures Splendor), so you get heaps of time to refresh it, which i tend to do when Omen of Clarity procs.

    Other than that i tend to use Nourish a lot more than HT, especially when a tank (with hots still ticking) starts to get really low and my Swiftmend is on CD, it can crit between 6.5k and 7.1k (unbuffed in TOL) and it brings their health up quickly, so i can start re-adding hots if their down etc.

    Unbuffed stats (not in TOL):
    14.4k HP
    15.9K Mana
    1108 Spirit
    1463 Healing---(in TOL 1629)
    300mp5 while casting

    When i first hit 80 and started Normal Dungeons and Heroics i went for mana regen first (spirit) which also went to bonus healing while in TOL, Intellect , then bonus healing. I thought it was better to last longer in the mana intensive fights rather than having higher +healing, but that's just me and it seems to have worked.

    Here's my armory if you wanted to look at my gear setup or whatever =P

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