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    Dragon's Eye cuts

    So us Jc's can make some pretty nice BoP gems out of the Dragon's eyes we can get from using Tokens. My question is can we use 3 the same Dragon's eye cuts in 1 set of gear. For example have 3 times +27 hit socketed in one set of gear. Was going to try this by putting 2 of these gems on my Epic waist i just got, but rather be sure before waisting Token/Dragon's Eye on it.

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    Re: Dragon's Eye cuts

    yes, 3 in all gear currently being worn
    although 'wasting' them isn't such a big problem, since you can get Damaged Necklaces pretty cheap now for an easy extra token

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    Re: Dragon's Eye cuts

    Well on my server they still sell for big amounts of gold and won't be dropping in price any time soon. Ty for your reply, off to make 2 more +27 hit then so i can finally get that hit cap over with ;D

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