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    Druid HoT Watcher

    Hi I'm looking for something to show A. what HoTs I have on which targets and B. How long until they fall off. I Used to have something for it but I cannot remember it to save my life.

    Preferably something moveable and updated.

    Thanks guys, haven't found anything on Curse I liked yet.

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    Re: Druid HoT Watcher

    the easiest things i can think of to track HoTs would be either Hot Candy, Natur NECB or Sorren Timers (Been awhile since I checked Sorren Timers)

    HoT Candy (Not used this 1 but suppose to be good):

    NECB (Still kinda a Beta so when I use this I had to edit the code myself for HoT duration, just using notepad and its in class.lua or something like that):

    Sorren Timers (Havent used recently):

    I guess HoT Candy would be exactly what your looking for, I also prefer wow interface over curse

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    Re: Druid HoT Watcher

    DoTimers also works wonders.
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