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    Hey Shadowpriests

    I would just like to thank you for the mana you give back to us hunters, and um... for keeping up with us pretty well in raids and making it fun.

    I hope your forum hasn't been swarmed by q.qing rogues like the hunter's has.

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    Re: Hey Shadowpriests

    Wait, what? You thank US for replenishment that's almost useless for a hunter , and not the paladins putting ranged SoW on?

    Anyways /cheer

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    Re: Hey Shadowpriests

    I don't like paladins.

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    Re: Hey Shadowpriests

    Quote Originally Posted by Vzelik
    I don't like paladins.

    Sheephuntér, 70 Hunter of Stormreaver
    eWatson, 70 Paladin of Stormreaver
    Chunko, 70 Rogue of Stormreaver (Retired)
    O.....K...... why didn't u retire your paladin instead of your rogue then??? ur weird....

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    Re: Hey Shadowpriests

    You bring up a valid point.

    Not a fan of ret or of holy for the most part.

    I like my protadin, but they're not paladins per say

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    Re: Hey Shadowpriests


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    Re: Hey Shadowpriests

    Quote Originally Posted by Skivoh
    Useless thread is useless... NEXT!

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