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    DKP addon

    Hell fellow wow players.
    Im looking for a good dkp addon for ingame, or a addon that you upload to your site. I have almost tried all addons from tbc time, but is there any new ones out?

    /regard Crits

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    Re: DKP addon

    dont use dragon kill points

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    Re: DKP addon

    Hello guys, i will bump my own thread.

    I am looking for a dkp addon that i can use. The addon should do that i can handle what price and item go for and what item it is.
    Maybe also that the addon can handle what dkp people have.

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    Re: DKP addon

    use suicide kings imo =d
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    Re: DKP addon

    well we have tried that but didnt like it at all. We are using closed bid now. Thats why we want a nice addon for that. That is easy to use.

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