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    Re: WOTLK + priest leveling = ?

    After getting my DK to 80 and essentially getting locked out of any available upgrades due to connection issues in 25 man raids, I decided to stop being such a sissy and level my old main character - a Troll priest.'s been a long time since I played my priest as shadow, mainly due to only having healing gear. However, since the Spellpower changes, my suit has actually become really solid for leveling. My spell hit and crit stink, but my buffed spellpower is at 1100 at lvl 70 with a truckload of spirit and mana regen - not too shabby.

    When I'm leveling, I can't stand grinding single mobs, and I like to constantly be active, so this is what I do. I stand out at max range from a mob, cast VT, VE, MB, SWP, strafing away while casting the instants towards the next mob. After this sequence, I do the same thing to another mob, (casting VE whenever it's up, but ideally second in the rotation). By the time I start this a third time, the first mob has dropped, and I've only got one on me. Since I'm doing minimal casting, I can keep moving without getting too much knockback. Additionally, I don't need to waste mana bubbling or healing because I'm not taking any damage! If for some reason a mob isn't dead after SWP wears off, SWD usually does the trick.

    My mana almost never runs down using this strategy, but if you get low, you can either pop your shadowfiend and keep on truckin', or cast dispersion, which on top of spirit tap gets you back to full.

    I went from 70-72 using this strategy, always grinding from one quest to the next and killing every mob in my path. It took me about 6 hours for two levels.

    Just thought I would offer this up as an alternate strategy for someone who finds leveling a priest difficult or tedious. Good Luck.

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    Re: WOTLK + priest leveling = ?

    Glad to hear we're able to heal even if Shadow specced. Recently rolled up a Priest to do some arenas and shadow leveling looks so much faster than the other specs. Still, I don't want to be useless in instances.

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    Re: WOTLK + priest leveling = ?

    The first level was for me an horrible experience until i got bubble and fear.
    When i got mindflay then the game become much easier, and each 10 level it become even more easier.
    Finally when i got vampiric touch i was doing what the OP said. Dot Dot dot and run
    It work perfectly, and as your gear scale you can pull more and more.
    Also with the new AoE ability and speced correctly u can easily get 5-6 mobs and AoE them done, it's not effective as a frost mage... But it does a really good job.

    If your friend have hard time leveling a priest he suck... only the first few level are a pain, once u get bubble faer and mind flay... then it become super easy.

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    Re: WOTLK + priest leveling = ?

    Priest leveling was a breeze for me. Holy priest >>>> Resto Shammy

    See, the thing bout shammy is Lightning Bolt sux without elemental; the entire elemental tree is focused around buffin lightning bolt. Then it becomes great to use.

    Also, as a resto shammy in his 60's, i'm in some cloth, some leather, and some mail gear. No AP/AGI or STR, so its not like i can melee stuff, i have to act like a caster; but it takes a tremendous amount of time using crappy lightning bolt and shocks that are ever-so-mana consuming. Also, i'm in a lot of Spirit and mp5 gear.

    Holy Priest, however, have talents that buff Smite's damage and such, and can also mind blast, SW:P, etc.
    Disc priests have smite as well as penance! (yeah my priest is disc.)

    Holy Pallies have shockadin variation specs, as well as long range judges, faster attak/casting speed, and seals which do a good amount of damage.

    Point being: priests can level it off easier than resto shammys.

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    Re: WOTLK + priest leveling = ?

    Step 1: Get the BoA cloth shoulders with the +10% xp. (PvE or PvP)
    Step 2: Start your Priest
    Step 3: Spec shadow until outlands
    Step 4: Once in outlands go either holy or disc to heal for all the lulDKs out there and level via instances with a few quests here and there.
    Step 5: Get to Northrend and level similarly to Outlands but more questing
    Step 6: Get to 80 and spec what ever you want.

    =) Have fun
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    Re: WOTLK + priest leveling = ?

    I found discpriest to be very fast and easy to level, just make sure you specc 3/3 spirit tap and 3/3 reflective shields.

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    Re: WOTLK + priest leveling = ?

    I know everyone says this blah blah blah, but level 70-80 the whole time I maybe had to drink 5-6 times (not including pvp deaths). You rarely if ever go oom. Replenishment, IMP spirit tap, 3 min shadowfiend, and dispersion are your friend for leveling efficiency :P

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    Re: WOTLK + priest leveling = ?

    lol shield and kill mob rinse and repeat for 60 lvls...

    then its jsut get better gear and kill shit before it can get to you.

    i lvld my priest a lot faster than i did some of my other classes.
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