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    Shadow Priest stats

    For a Spriest i was wondering what stats would be more benificial. To be able to do H-naxx what should my stats look like How much spell power crit and haste. Is crit better than haste with the new shadowform buff and how much haste should i get before haste is just stupid.

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    Re: Shadow Priest stats

    [yoda]The search function use you have to, young padawan.[/yoda]

    Quote Originally Posted by Mstone2005
    The new numbers for pseudodamage values are in.

    * 1 spellpower = 1 PP
    * 1 crit rating = 0.61 PP
    * 1 haste = 0.56 PP
    * 1 spirit = 0.21 PP
    * 1 int = 0.19 PP
    * 1 hit = 1.12 PP (when not hit-capped)

    With the recent changes to Shadowform; Crit is definately better than haste. Remember to take into account diminishing returns when gearing and socketing though.
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    Re: Shadow Priest stats

    Also, bear in mind the following: mind flay and mind sear are the ones who benefit directly from haste (meaning do more damage because of haste). With lag, human reaction time and whatnot - crit is way better since you dot up and forget about it and it does the damage. With haste you need to have perfect execution of mind flay. If there was a bot who executed the rotation perfect to the millisecond, then those stats would have the values that are quoted above. This way, if you account for the things mentioned - you're better off with crit and spellpower for the moment (for current pve content) than with haste. I'd say feel free to avoid it if you can.

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    Re: Shadow Priest stats

    You don't stack haste these days, it comes free on your gear.

    Nothing to do about it really.

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