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    Re: Achievement: Chef! (Cooking)

    I usually run Dalaran daily and then Shattrath hoping for the chocolate cake.

    I'm saving on most of my Dalaran-spiced meals for eventual raiding and hopefully distribute them through the guild bank once we have enough guildies to start raiding.

    Looking back on all of the achievements required to gain "chef" title (once it's available of course), I realize it's quite a feat. I bet you it takes much less time to get a Proto-drake than Chef title. One should get a hat or a frying pan at least...

    bbr your cat is freaking me out. lol.-

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    Re: Achievement: Chef! (Cooking)

    I am disappointed as well, however I think most of us diehard chefs are about a month off from the chef title as it is, barring a lot of mustard dog quests + bonus awards in bags. What really bugs me is if they put this off for a few months, then we'll go from having zero chefs to a ton at once (ala the Hallowed title), and it just won't be as fun.

    I would disagree about this being a "hard" title. It takes time, but at least we don't have to win a cooking contest in booty bay

    One important thing to note is that tailors get a new patterns based off an achievement (loremaster? Not sure, not leveling tailoring yet). I wonder if cooks also get an extra recipie or two off an achievement that nobody has noticed just yet. I don't think it would be the 160 recipies, as I think the total in-game recipie count is <160.

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    Re: Achievement: Chef! (Cooking)

    The 160 recipes should be possible to obtain right now, but only when you are a rogue.
    I'm at 148/160, and there are 11 more recipes on the vendor. Seeing I can't learn thistle tea a rogue with every single recipe horde and alliance should be able to get it then. Still would make it hard to do the cook 45 recipes.. but heh.

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    Re: Achievement: Chef! (Cooking)

    Everything but Northrend Gourment is doable, because alot of the recipes are missing from the game.

    I can get 24 recipes more when the "missing" recipes is ingame, bringing me up at 158/160 recipes. I'm sure I could get the last two, there's some alliance recipes I'm missing.

    But Chef de Cuisine is not a part of the Achievement. And I'm not a rogue.

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    Re: Achievement: Chef! (Cooking)

    You dont need the 160 recipes.
    And rogues can only get to 159 I think.
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    Re: Achievement: Chef! (Cooking)

    Quote Originally Posted by Somnio
    Mate, did you never learn to keep a secret a secret?
    The best ones are the ones that are KEPT secrets...
    I agree, the cooking is a nice market with little competion. Back in BC I saved all my food from one week and listed them all on Tuesday, raid reset day. I made about 1000g in one day, just from cooked food. I wrote an article about it here:

    As for Wotlk, each piece of food that use a Northern Spice is selling for 5-10g on my server.

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    Re: Achievement: Chef! (Cooking)

    The missing recipies, atleast in 2 cases, although I think it's all 4, are actually from quests where the recipie isn't correctly being given as the quest reward.

    i.e. The Kungaloosh one, is the quest in the Sholazar basin where you're mixing the fruit, and releasing steam etc, before going on to test it out on Nessingway and a few others. The recipie, as it was in beta, should be a reward for completing that chain. But it isn't.

    Yet it's on the achievement list.

    It's the same for a fish recipie - stewed herring, or something - from a quest giver in Westgarde Keep in the Fjorde.

    Whether they add the recipies to the vendor, or auto-give it to people they know have done the quest, I don't know. I just hope they do it promptly.


    As for making money from cooking and fishing... I hope you're kidding! There's lots to make.

    The gold you make from such skills is two-fold.

    - The first set doesn't even rely on putting anything in the AH. Simply by having these skills and making your own buff food saves you a significant amount of gold. Combined with the gradual gaining of silver you do from general killing mobs/questing/dailys etc, not spending money on buff food generally leads to your gold rising.

    - Second, direct selling. Cooked or uncooked there's money to be made. Especially with the new daily spices, the only way to gain access to the best buff food is either being a cook and doing the daily to gain spices, or buying them from the AH.

    A stack of the 40 strength, 40 stam food (there's no new 30 strength equivilent in Northrend) I've sold for 175g.

    Other foods, where there's non-spice equivilents that are only a little worse (i.e. 12mp5, rather than the better 16mp5 food) sell for less, but that's still 50-80g per stack.

    Fishers should probably look up Pygmy suckerfish on the AH, or Pygmy oil. Used by Alchemists, as well as it's novelty value (shrinking people and turning them into Pygmys) means they go like hotcakes.

    You'll find them a 10% drop rate along with other fish whilst fishing open water (not named pools). You won't find them in the Frozen sea.

    Don't underestimate the secondary skills !

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    Re: Achievement: Chef! (Cooking)

    Why are you guys telling everyone you can make great money with fishing and cooking?
    Some secrets are best kept... Secret...

    As for Smeester; there is no rush, since it takes us at least another month doing cooking quests each day, before you come close to ammount of Dalaran Cooking Rewards neded to buy all the recipies off the vendor.

    Relax, your achievement is safe
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    There's always, ALWAYS a "huge uproar" about anything Blizz does, usually from people who either don't entirely understand the thing they're complaining about, or refuse to acknowledge that most players are perfectly okay with the current state of affairs. Whenever people complain that they don't listen to feedback it mostly means "they don't listen to ME ME ME".
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    Re: Achievement: Chef! (Cooking)

    As for Smeester; there is no rush, since it takes us at least another month doing cooking quests each day... ...Relax, your achievement is safe
    I wasn't aware I stated theres a rush, or that I was un-relaxed. All I said was...

    "I just hope they do it promptly"

    i.e. They do it in time.

    Nowhere did I imply that I was in a hurry, that I wanted it done immediately. I'm well aware how long it'll take to get all the cooking awards, and recipies.


    And what's wrong with sharing a few secrets... the vast majority of us won't even be on the same server. Spread the love a bit. There's plenty for all, as we await patiently for our achievement to become... achieveable.

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    Re: Achievement: Chef! (Cooking)

    Does anyone know a definitive number of cooking recipies in the game at the moment?

    not including:
    -4 missing from achievement
    -thistle tea

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    Re: Achievement: Chef! (Cooking)

    158 I think

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    Re: Achievement: Chef! (Cooking)

    Quote Originally Posted by Smeester
    158 I think
    +1 and ye, you are right.
    Some are a pain to get, like the chimera food, or the dig rat stew if you are alliance. But there's 159 to get. Unless my achievement page is bugged and I can't count whats left from the vendor

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    Re: Achievement: Chef! (Cooking)

    Bornakk confirmed that it's current not doable

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    Re: Achievement: Chef! (Cooking)

    heh, ever since wotlk at least 2 days in we never saw the cheese daily except for one morning, but it changed after server reset
    so only like 20 people have it

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    Re: Achievement: Chef! (Cooking)

    Quote Originally Posted by Serai
    heh, ever since wotlk at least 2 days in we never saw the cheese daily except for one morning, but it changed after server reset
    so only like 20 people have it
    On Mazrigos, does we not see Mustang Dog, all i need + cook 15 more to get Chief titel.

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    Re: Achievement: Chef! (Cooking)

    Yeah, I've yet to see some Dalaran dailies so that's about correct. In the meantime enjoying buffs is quite great, feast is a winner in dungeons, the pig always make peeps lol.

    That... damn... chocolate... cake. I swear when I get it I'll make one and feed it to the chickens in Shatt, just out of spite.

    @ Savoir, I meant feat because it takes a lot of time, it's not really hard. The fishing part is just boring, least to me. :-\

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    Re: Achievement: Chef! (Cooking)

    I dont believe Thistle Tea counts towards Chef de Cuisine, I sat and counted every recipe I had and I counted 150, although my Achievement is at 149/160

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