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    Re: Hymn of Hope

    almost never use it, only when i forget to bring drinks

    then i pop my trinkets and use hymn of hope

    but it shouldn't be channeled....
    Should be pop and party gains 10% mana or increases spirit by 100% for 10 sec or something like that and you still can focus healing and preventing another spell standing unused in the spellbar

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    Re: Hymn of Hope

    I'm Shadow, so nope, never used it.

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    Re: Hymn of Hope

    Quote Originally Posted by Danner
    Hymn of Hopelessness is not usable by shadowpriests; it costs more mana get back in shadowform than what you get by casting it. For the lucky holy priest in the same party as a shadowpriest who does this anyway, the gains will not be enough for a single GHeal.

    Not true, shadowform cost 1161 mana. so u need slightly less than 15k mana for it to be "free". i have 15.7k even unbuffed, and i still need alot of upgrades.
    Gheal is something like 1050mana so...

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    Re: Hymn of Hope

    In a raid situation you have to get pretty lucky to be able to use Hymn.

    If you heal it requires that there either be an expected lull in damage (pretty much not happening) or that you be in a raid that overstacks healers so there is someone to pick up your slack.

    If you're shadow, the only think I can see if you taking it upon yourself when the healers are getting low or your RL calling for it.

    Honestly I just use it for grinding. Kill till I get low, pop shadowfiend and hymn.

    Of course it would be great if it worked like a pallies Divine Plea, but because it gives mana back to the group it'd be a little too good to work passively without something to hinder it, like being attached to a whackable totem.

    Honestly, we already have shadowfiend; another pop-and-forget mana return is too much to ask for. If shadowfiend is an oh sh!t button, then Hymn is your oh fvck button

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    Re: Hymn of Hope

    I've used it on a few fights... depends on the downtime in the fight. However just communicate to your other healers if you are gonna pop it.

    Loatheb with the debuff for example, since I was lower on mana from assisting DPS.
    Phase 2 Malygos when we were in a shield (but before a Deep Breath)

    Its situational, though it can be helpful.... worst case just chain it with GS.

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    Re: Hymn of Hope

    I used it once. Noticed the spell at my spellbook and tried it out. Got depressed when I realized the usage of it.

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    Re: Hymn of Hope

    i used it once after i got battlerezzed it barely restored enough mana to witch into shadowform -.-
    if its useable in shadowform u could think of using it 2 reszore mana 2 ur grp in long fights
    Quote Originally Posted by Fujiama
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    Re: Hymn of Hope

    Quote Originally Posted by Lequina
    i used it once after i got battlerezzed it barely restored enough mana to witch into shadowform -.-
    if its useable in shadowform u could think of using it 2 reszore mana 2 ur grp in long fights
    Indeed, so when will blizz stop being tards and think about spells for a change.

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    Re: Hymn of Hope

    I use HOH quite a bit. Albeit not a great spell mana is mana. While leveling with my ret pally partner I popped it a lot when he had to take on the tanking role for several quests and I had to heal him as a shadow priest. I used it to top off mana between battles as well. We did a lot of AOE style leveling, pulling every mob in sight so I often had to pop out of shadow to heal.

    Now I am doing heroics I still use this spell quite a bit. As a holy priest trying to keep up with some of our more aggressive and insane tanks HOH with trinkets kept me moving at a quicker pace. I also ended up at 80 with most of my level 70 gear so was extremely gimped at first any mana was good mana.

    HOH is good in some respects, mana is mana and it is party wide. Again it’s not a lot but sometimes even a little is helpful. It could make the difference between that one spell that makes or breaks a fight. In my opinion everything a priest has is useful, some better then others for sure. Using them helps us to learn when a spell is really useful and when it is a total waste of time. Just looking at it or trying it out a couple of times really doesn't give you that.

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    Re: Hymn of Hope

    My experience is only from 5-mans, regs and heroics. And I only use it in between pulls so I can avoid drinking. Meh, I use it for fun. I don't like drinking if I can avoid it (disc).
    Come back with your shield or on it.

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    Re: Hymn of Hope

    nah never

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    Re: Hymn of Hope

    in our first kel-kill

    now i cant go oom

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