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    Re: Renew as disc?

    i dont belive it crit for i havent seen it

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    Re: Renew as disc?

    Quote Originally Posted by Amgyn
    renew is always good. it has always been good. it makes no sense not to cast it.

    and does renew crit now?
    Renew does not crit, does not scale with crit, and you get similar results (with the same waste of time) from a Flash Heal, which does cast Grace, scales with Crit, applies Aegis, and grants Rapture.

    Renew is great, yes. Just not for a Disc Priest. If you're Holy, that's what it's all about, buying yourself 5SR regen, having the ticks hold a tank up while you wait for a really big Greater Heal. Just not really worth the mana from a Discipline perspective. So yes, it does make sense to not cast it.
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    Re: Renew as disc?

    In 5-mans, Renew accounts for 20%+ of my healing as Disc. Most of the rest goes to Prayer of Mending and Penance (some from PW:S, depending on the tank).
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