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    Best arena setups for SP

    What do u think? what are best setups for shadow priest in 2v2/3v3?

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    Re: Best arena setups for SP

    i hit 2070 sp arcane mage s4

    and i hit 2050 sp,resto druid, frost mage in s3

    both a fun comps if played right

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    Re: Best arena setups for SP

    That "shadowplay" setup (SP, warlock, resto sham) was the #1 3v3 in some battlegroups. Don't know how it will be now, but check it out I guess.

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    Re: Best arena setups for SP

    In my opinion. We are going to be pretty glued to rogues in 2's the way things stand atm. Good thing is that we don't gimp the team when we can operate. Our dps (given time to actually do dmg without dispells) is extrodinary to be honest. Getting the time to work our dps up is the major benifit of a rogue. MS from is another massive plus. 3's just add a knowledgable resto shaman.

    Typed from the iPhone so bare with the errors.

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    Re: Best arena setups for SP

    Rogue/Spriest and UA Lock/Spriest will probably still be best for 2's.
    Rogue/Mage/Spriest could work well for 3's.

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    Re: Best arena setups for SP

    yah rouge/Spriest for 2v2

    and 3v3 is probly pally,lock or mage/spriest

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    Re: Best arena setups for SP

    For 2vs2 i am defo gonna try these:
    Rogue / SP
    Boomkin / Sp
    Mage / Sp
    Tbh i think Boomkin + Sp will be most effectively. Lots of dots, stuns, pets, instant casts and roots. Not to mention the direct buff from the Boomkin aura to the SP.

    For 3vs3:
    SP / DK / Rogue
    Sp / Boomkin / shaman
    SP / Paladin (retri) / Disc Priest. (not to sure about this one yet though).
    Most likely SP / DK / Rogue :P

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    Re: Best arena setups for SP

    Rogue/ Spriest I've already mentioned. I've been constantly skirmishing. Rogue dps atm is outragous with the burst.

    3's Add a Resto shaman with good forethought, this combo will be a major team. Shocks are priceless. I'm not sure it people really understand the power of hex yet. Though I'm an spriest, DH is truely a crazy spell we can use. I guarantee this will be a heavy CC team. Wound poison, major burst for both dps ( atm pvp with most people I assume at 330ish res, MB crits for 5k, via 1700 dmg in pvp gear, and crazy healing that shamans are providing.

    Against a caster team, if they go about it like I do will try to CC the healer. Totems are physical now. Silence shaman he still can drop grounding and tremor. GG. DONE WRONG this won't work. These will make for short games no doubt. Picking skillz over gear is the key here. Gear WILL come. It's been my experience that you can almost join up with any other class, put all your cards on the table (doing this before doing arena NOT during /sigh), and swing a reliable team. Past 1900 you will run into things boiling down to comps.

    Jumping around in teams doesn't really develop major players. Ventrillo is obviously a must, but when you get to the point where your doing things seemlessly without verbal communication, then your really getting in sync with your team. Each player should know what needs to happen even when S*** hits the fan, and should be taken care of calmly.

    For an Spriest, you have to keep into account while health and res are nice. Your there to be the punching bag, the CC, the CLUTCH silence( PENATRATION IS YOUR FRIEND), and then a few crushing blows. At 45sec resisting your silence will make or break a lot of games. You job is to set up the other team into a chess like state. A pattern can be found that when you do this they will do this or that. When you can adapt and start banking on things happening you will really start bringing up your rank. This is almost completely an experience gained ability. You can't just read your way to gladiator.

    Sorry I did boil alot of other subjects into this.

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    Re: Best arena setups for SP

    Adrick its fine that you kinda melted things together helps some of the old-PvPers-turned-PvE-wanting to turn back into PvPrs like myself. (played much of season 1 and about half season 2 as frost mage with a prot pally)

    I've been trying to find a rogue to be a partner but they all seem to be taken by others >.< but a moonkin i know is up for grabs so ill grab him and see what happens.

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    Re: Best arena setups for SP

    I will say for the sake of those with low pvp ability, that just because your not good right now doesn't mean you lack the ability to pvp. It's just like art. With good direction, practice, and understanding of the things your doing, and going on around you, you can be one of the best. Same PvE just FASTER and regularly unpredictable( which is why I pvp). You can win against a puzzle given time, then it gets old. You can win against another player, but they will learn, adapt, and smash you in the face.

    I need to make a poll to see which people think makes you smarter.

    Halo? OR Tetris?

    Its repeated shown/stated/graphed, Halo(or other FPS pvp style games) increases brain activity and concentration the most compared to Tetris and other like genre games.

    Those stats are real though but most I'm saying.
    PvP & Win.... Consider yourself a smarter person
    If your good at pvp and loose, just blame it on blizzard like I do. Rofl

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