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    What addon is shown in this screenshot

    I had to do some digging to find this, but it was a screenshot of the first 80 deathknight, and I wanna know what addon the person is using it has like a little smiley face curve thing and it has the runes inside of it, and I wanna know basically what other addons those are in that surrounding area. Thanks


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    Re: What addon is shown in this screenshot

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    Re: What addon is shown in this screenshot

    Like said above, Runwatch is the smily addon you are talking about.

    Other addons that might be involved are:

    Pitbull - character and target frames
    Bartender - buttons being moved
    Button Facade - makes buttons round
    Elk Buff Bars - buffs in upper right hand corner
    Recount - Box in lower right hand corner
    Prat - chat changes
    Sexy map - Map mover/square map
    Eepanels - for the background on the buttons
    Omen - Threat meter in bottom left hand corner
    Fubar - very bottom of screen

    These might not be exact, but I know you can make that layout with all the things I listed above.

    - Brisk

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    Re: What addon is shown in this screenshot

    Thankyou for the reply. Yes I knew about some of the addons that you listed except for RuneWatch. One other thing though, I heard about the whole thing with questhelper that if you download the latest version from curse it has a keylogger or something in it? I seen someone make a post about it here the other day..so is curse still safe to download from? I use wowmatrix if it makes a difference.

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    Re: What addon is shown in this screenshot

    Um, to be honest, I haven't had any problems with Curse. But I would recommend to make sure that you are using AVG Anti virus before you use any of them. I do, and haven't had any problems. I however don't use Questhelper, I use Carbonite Quest which is almost the exact same thing.

    - Brisk

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