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    Pitbull not showing buffs/debuffs.

    Got the newest version of pitbull and Lib_dog tag, but pitbull is now not showing any buffs or debuffs. Is there any other Lib plugins I need for this to work? I will update all my addons and report back, thanks for any help

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    Re: Pitbull not showing buffs/debuffs.

    U have mix up some stuff m8.
    1st of all Lib Dog Tag has notting to do with showing or notshowing the buffs/debuffs.
    Lib Dog Tag as it states Tags its to show mine english isnt that good but ill try to explain - is to show alphanumeric and colored stuff on the given addon like Pitbull...so basicly with certain Dog Tags u can lets say ure player, target hp to show different ways and lots of more different stuff...
    As for buffs/debuffs u might wanna check at the player , target options for the buffs/debuffs check boxes if they are checked...
    Or mine suggestion is coz personaly think Pitbull buffs/debuffs sux coz u need to add them by ureself to try Satrina Buff Frames - lot more costumable, supports cycircled, buttonfacade.

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