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    Mind Sear animation

    Few days ago I recognized a strange thing about mind sears animation. And I could have sworn it was not like this the day before:

    Mindsear "ripples" (for the lack of a better word) out from your target. Now I always get the riplles for the first 2-3 ticks, but the last 2 are just the beam animation without the aoe animation. Does this happen to you guys too? As I said I could have sword that I had the aoe animation for all the 5 seconds way before?
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    Re: Mind Sear animation

    nope i get the full ripple duration of the entire spell, must be your graphic details.

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    Re: Mind Sear animation

    As a tank, seeing that, with only a holy priest in the group....f00king scary!

    /ran away from the mob.

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    Re: Mind Sear animation

    On another note about this animation: Does anyone else get low FPS when this is used? >_< Couldn't even move cause of it :S

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    Re: Mind Sear animation

    Once again nope

    try lowering your settings a bit to run it more efficiently for yourself. (like turn of weather effects and all that).

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