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    Re: Healing interface

    thanks a lot for your help mate ,
    was a few my bro already had but the ones he didn't was good to get name of

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    Re: Healing interface

    Quote Originally Posted by derevka

    Work in progress.

    Prat - THE Chat Mod
    Dominos - Bar Mod
    FuBar - AddOn management tool
    ORA2 - Improved CTRA like mod
    Squeenix - Minimap mod
    Pitbull - unit frames
    Quartz - Castbar mod
    TipTac - tooltop mod
    PowerAuras - Shows a graphic when your set buffs/procs hit
    SCT - Combat Text
    GettingThingsHealed - Healing Assignment Mod
    RatingsBuster - Helps compare gear by showing the delta in stats
    XLoot - Loot Window/Mod
    RaidTracker - DKP Mod
    Buffalo - customizable buff bars
    InstantHealth - Reads combat log for HP changes, not relying on the lag from the server to return in the info
    GatherMate - Helps with gathering profession nodes
    SellFish - Tells vendor price of items

    which addon is that u have on ur down left side?... and where c an i download it? ..

    Thx in advantage

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    Re: Healing interface

    My 2 cents

    25 mans:

    40 man BGs:

    Addon list:

    Basic Minimap
    Button Facade
    Minimap Button Frame

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    Re: Healing interface

    do all of you forget what you got bindet on 1,2,3,4,5,6 or wth?
    when i made my interface i spend 2 sek thinking about what where neeedet and what simply "blocked my Fire View" having played dps for 4 years and always loled about stupid healers and there inability to move out of random things :P

    also removed random waste like my name (took me a while getting used to as i always for get it)
    and action bars (got 24 buttons on my screan the main buttom one is ONLY to look at the cooldowns and then a nother bar (just next to my player frame)
    sesly take 1 min just lokking at how much space youre using on buttons whith no cooldown and you KNOW that is bindet to 2

    where i got the few unbound spells i use (buffs and ress ^^)

    im using 2 macros for trinkets ("#showtooltip /use [13/14]") then i just bind to this macro and when ever i switch trinkets the button icon and binding changes whith it \o/

    so this is about what i endet up whith (stil a cuppel of todo's like smaller buffs)

    what's bad about this SS is i dont have any Debuffs but thay are arund where my SoE buff is just thay are HUGE and impossible to miss.
    and my parrot (scroling combat text) got 1 extra window + i changed alot of the strings + procs. (ofc this dont show propper here eather)
    and my fps is normaly arund 30-40 ^^

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    Re: Healing interface

    Just to bring this one up again. "PowerAura's" is an amazing mod. Set it to go off when you proc "Surge of Light", or 3 stacks of "Serendipity". Add a sound or animation to it if you like. Makes it so much easier to pay attention to those without having to look away from your healing and the enviroment. Just gives a little more stress relief.

    Can also use this for other classes to great effect. I use it on my Paladin and Warrior (example : Warrior, I have a flashing border apear around my warrior when ever Overpower is usable. Also a small skull&cross bones appear over a creatures picture when they drop to the point I can use Execute. Just small visual que's that I don't have to pay attention to.)
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    Re: Healing interface

    Quote Originally Posted by Mäkelä
    Must have:
    Grid (with LayoutForHealers, SideIndicators, StatusHots, and StatusMissingBuffs)
    MendWatch (for Priests)

    Also nice:
    BanzaiAlert (Aggro warning)
    Scrolling Combat Text (I use the custom events to set up a big red message on my screen whenever Surge of Light procs)

    Other Addons seen below are mostly just for looks, ease of non-healing aspects, or just the fact that I'm a data junkie.

    Current Interface:
    Nice UI..

    9 FPS... Fail.

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    Re: Healing interface

    PoM Tracker
    Elkanos Buffbars

    Simple but effective!

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    Re: Healing interface

    Visual Heal is great to see if your wasting mana
    Grid is hand down a must. I cant imagine how the old healers (Vanilla Wow raiders) did it.



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    Re: Healing interface

    Thats the UI im using currently, although its a few weeks old as im no longer using Pitbull for my frames.

    Of course thats for my mage, but i use the same for my priest.

    **Edit** I now have Decursive aswell, helps ALOT with magic and disease dispells.

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    Re: Healing interface

    Haven't raid healed yet but...I use default UI and do pretty well w/o it :S

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    Re: Healing interface

    Quote Originally Posted by -Ethos-
    PoM Tracker
    Elkanos Buffbars

    Simple but effective!

    great, i like

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