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    Titansteel Guardian

    Was reading in the patch notes and it says they have currently lowered the spell power on Titansteel Guardian to equal its item level. Has anyone seen what they have lowered the spell power to?

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    Re: Titansteel Guardian

    No, but the change in general is totally bogus. When blizz tried to nerf FSW set people were up in arms. After spending lots of time and gold to have things crafted, to only see them nerfed, really sucks. I just bought this weapon, and I'll be really disappointed if it gets nerfed below 450 sp.

    To use a ridiculous analogy:

    Go to jewelry shop, buy diamond necklace. 2 weeks later, jeweler says "hey, that diamond necklace was too nice for the price. we are going to replace those diamonds with cubic zirconium. oh, and no refund! enjoy your new cubic zirconium necklace!"

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    Re: Titansteel Guardian

    Yeah, it really is a bummer. I passed a few weeks back on blade of dormant memories to a fellow shadow priest because I had already had the Titansteel Guardian made. Knowing it is going to be nerfed makes me wonder, even though he was in need more than myself. Sigh

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    Re: Titansteel Guardian

    No, Birds, I think your analogy is correct. They offer no sort of compensation for people who bend over backwards to get good gear, then they nerf it.
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    Re: Titansteel Guardian

    Of course, it doesn't take a genius to realize it was going to get nerfed anywho. It had the stats of an item a full tier ahead of it's ilvl, maybe even more. Though Blizzard hasn't always nerfed items like that, it's a bit naive to think it'll go completely unnoticed.

    It should be down to 408 spell power, like all other ilvl-200 epic weapons.

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    Re: Titansteel Guardian

    Stupid change

    1) People have been crafting it for a month now

    Are they going to give it other stats or just nerf the fuck out of the spell power, because if it's just knocking down the spell to 408, it's completely fucking awful considering how easy other 200 level weapons are to get.

    Compare it to http://www.wowhead.com/?item=39271

    +38 int
    +27 haste
    +11 crit
    -82 spell

    Was the Titansteel Guardian better than that thing? For some people, yes, but not every single item in an iLvL bracket is equally as good for every class. Will it afterwards? No, it's probably even severely underbudget at that point.

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    Re: Titansteel Guardian

    I was wrong, a good chunk of the itemization points was dumped into spell power it seems. It's at 457 (from another thread), not the standard 408 for ilvl200 weapons.

    Which makes sense and put it about on par with the dagger for DPS'ers. I was thinking it had more stats than it didn't, so no it wasn't crazyily overpowered but still overbudgetted nonetheless. It's been brought down to the level of all the other crafted items.

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