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    Why do Warlocks get aggro from thier dots, but if someone else hits it the other person gets the credit for the kill?
    Shouldn't it be if you cast the spell(dot) on the mob it should be your kill.
    ex. The Warlock cast it's dots on a mob and before the dots tick another player deals dmg to the mob and claiming it as his kill yet, the mob comes after me for the dots/threats on it. ???

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    Re: warlocks

    fixed in PTR/next patch.

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    Re: warlocks

    3 years late.

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    Re: warlocks


    Right on time for Blizz...
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    Q. Any plans for an untalented spell to help warlocks deal with stuns?
    A. Possibly. It’s also possible we may take a look at stuns in general. But overall stuns will feel less impacting in an environment where players have significantly more health than they do today.

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    Yay! Now 3 more years till will stand a chance in PvP >:3

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    Re: warlocks

    Warlocks are okey in pvp, after the following changes.

    * Summon Voildwalker now cost no mana.
    * Summon Voildwalker now cost no soulshard.
    * Sacrifice Rank 9: Sacrifices the Voidwalker, giving its owner a shield that will absorb 20 000 damage for 30 sec.
    * Fel Domination: cd now removed.

    That will fix our surivability, we still need to be able to have dots on targets for more than 2 seconds before they get dispelled but with the changes i propose above we can wait a bit to get usefull damagewise as well.

    Cheers ;D
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