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    Light weight SCT ?

    I used to use SCT and SCTD but they both seem to be very memory intensive.

    I am looking for another SCT mod that I could use if anyone has any suggestions please post here.
    Or if SCT and SCTD are lightweight and my conception is incorrect please say so too.

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    Re: Light weight SCT ?


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    Re: Light weight SCT ?

    Be sure to give MSBT a try:
    Very customizable!

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    Re: Light weight SCT ?

    Parrot is Rock based, and if you have no other Rock addons it's not your best choice. MSBT is my personal preference.

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    Re: Light weight SCT ?

    MSBT is the best for me.

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    Re: Light weight SCT ?

    My vote goes to MSBT as well.

    It's awesome....

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    Re: Light weight SCT ?

    Thank you all for the replies I will try out MSBT.

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