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    Shadowburn bug?

    Lately i have been running into this issue more and more, where ill be fighting a mob in a heroic or something, and we are burning it down, and ill hit shadowburn just to finish him off for a little extra dps kick right before i change targets, and ill get it in just a perfect timing that my cast goes off, i burn the shard, the target died with in like milliseconds of hitting the button, i get credit for damage done, combat log logs me doing it, but i don't get a shard back from it. Any1 else running into similar issues?

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    Re: Shadowburn bug?

    I havent noticed it but Ive only used Shadowburn for PvP
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    Q. Any plans for an untalented spell to help warlocks deal with stuns?
    A. Possibly. It’s also possible we may take a look at stuns in general. But overall stuns will feel less impacting in an environment where players have significantly more health than they do today.

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    Re: Shadowburn bug?

    It's lag. It takes a second or so for the server to register that you used shadowburn, so it takes that long to get the debuff on the mob. And if the shadowburn debuff isn't on the mob, you get no shard.

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