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    Re: Tailoring mounts

    Quote Originally Posted by Serentis
    a GM told me that the Carpet is not intended as a mount but as a vehicle. So then my question is, will others be able to "ride" in this vehicle like other ones ? the answer: ( to the best I remember ) went like this: " err....."

    so I think if they made it so others could ride on it ( Mammoth, the Hog, etc ) it would be worth the trouble. As it is now, the only time I use my MFC is when Im going from point A to point B other wise I use one of my other flying mounts.
    Correct me if I'm wrong, but is going from Point A to Point B what we all do on our normal ground mounts or flying mounts or even walking for that matter is what we do? ..
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    Re: Tailoring mounts

    Quote Originally Posted by S
    Correct me if I'm wrong, but is going from Point A to Point B what we all do on our normal ground mounts or flying mounts or even walking for that matter is what we do? ..
    I guess I should have clarified that, if I'm flying to a Quest OBJ where I have to get off and fight and what not, I wont be flying my carpet. If I'm just tooling around somewhere with no "mission" I will probably be on my carpet hope that is clearer

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    Re: Tailoring mounts

    I love my magnificent flying carpet for one reason: you can mount it just outside of the banks in Dalaran. All you other suckers have to run to the landing :P.

    Other then that, yah I'm not fond of the vehicle mechanics. I've fallen to my death, missed tapping mobs due to the non auto dismount.

    OH! another thing that is super fun, most of you probably already know this trick, but while on your carpet, hit autorun then hold your Delete key. Gravity aint got nothing on me!

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    Re: Tailoring mounts

    well, at least my carpet lets me /dance midair..
    Quote Originally Posted by Nawramsti
    Mages are fine wtf are you talking about.
    Frost for PvP Arcane for LOLPVP and Fire for...... sec will get back to you.

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    Re: Tailoring mounts

    three cheers for the latest blue post regarding vehicle type mounts. Once the vehicles react like regular mounts (in regards to dismount/combat/etc) its time to dust off my carpet rolled up in my bags. :

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    Re: Tailoring mounts

    Bitter sweet. I can no longer mount outside of the Dalaran bank, but at least I wont fall to my death when I log out on it.

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    Re: Tailoring mounts

    I've heard that they took the specialty carpets out.

    I don't use my Magnificent either - It tended to DC me sometimes when I mounted it. Then, when I'd log back on, it would be land-bound until I remounted.

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    Re: Tailoring mounts

    I'd asked GM on Frostmane about those Carpets:

    These items are available in the game and can be made by tailors.
    As i said they do exist in the game Kleksiq.
    But no one ever saw them >.<. Maybe some low rate drop or something.

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    Re: Tailoring mounts

    "At one point, three new epic mounts were available at 450, each designed around using either Ebonweave, Moonshround, or Spellweave. They appeared to be identical to the Magnificent Flying Carpet except for color. However, the recipes for [Swift Ebonweave Carpet], [Swift Mooncloth Carpet], and [Swift Spellfire Carpet] seem to have been removed from the game. " -Source:

    ::BLUE POST:: - Zarhym
    "This is slated to be changed in an upcoming patch (not 3.0.8). All new mounts that currently function like vehicles will be changed to function like other standard mounts. This includes the flying carpet. "

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