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    Interface that *improves* FPS?


    My video card died recently, and now i'm playing on a laptop, which i don't get great FPS on. I thought to myself.. Is there a minimalistic UI that would potentially be less taxing on my integrated laptop card that i could use?

    Any ideas?

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    Re: Interface that *improves* FPS?

    Turning your video setting all the way down is about the only way. Addons really just increase loading time; they don't really suck a lot of power while they're actually running (why Recount getting up to 70 megs is nothing to worry about at all).

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    Re: Interface that *improves* FPS?

    If you are rly worried about the speed, addons use ram not ur video hardware, you can use these addons;
    -dominos (for bars)
    -simple minimap (uses less resources then the default minimap)
    -pitbull(disable portraits for the best performance)
    and thats about all you need if you want a ui that uses the lease resources possible. A ui like this will use 15mbs compared to the ~40-50mbs the defaut wow ui uses. Also i didn't post the links to the addons but you can get them all from curse, and do not use questhelper if you are that worried, its eats up the msot out of all my addons at around 15-30mbs.

    *also I'd like to add if u have over 1gb of ram you wont notice a differance in basically any ui they'll run the same

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    Re: Interface that *improves* FPS?

    Recommending Pitbull for a low-performance UI seems a bit odd...

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    Re: Interface that *improves* FPS?

    Quote Originally Posted by Olison Schmolison
    Recommending Pitbull for a low-performance UI seems a bit odd...
    Agree with you, the first thing I suggest is not use pitbull...
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    Re: Interface that *improves* FPS?

    rRy because i've only used pitbull + xperl + perl and on the settings i've had them on pitbull has used less than the default wow ui. If you have another suggestion go ahead just haven't tried any other ones and havent rly needed too

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    Re: Interface that *improves* FPS?

    The Unitframe addon which uses the least memory, at least from what I know, is by far oUF. Just search for it on www.wowinterface.com and you'll find plenty of nice looking designs. The only downside to oUF, as I see it, is that they can be quite hard to configure if you don't know how to edit .lua files. There are alot of pretty designs out there, but if you want to move them you need to configure that in the .lua.
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    Re: Interface that *improves* FPS?

    Default UI with no addons. And don't enable SCT in the default UI either.

    = Best, and most stable, performance.

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    Re: Interface that *improves* FPS?

    Don't know about interfaces but I have an Addon of curse called Framerate_Adjuster

    It's really not bad.

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