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    SS on mac?

    OK so i have just gotten a new imac (from previous windows) and I am getting the hang of it except for one thing........ I have no idea how to take a Screen Shot on mac, no one on my realm seems to know either so i decided to make a post about it.

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    Re: SS on mac?

    You should be able to select the button you want to use in the key binding menu. I think it's set to F13 by default.

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    Re: SS on mac?

    In WoW: F13 (same position as a default PC keyboard)
    In OS X: cmd+shift+3 (fullscreen) -or- cmd+shift+4 (select a certain area or window)

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    Re: SS on mac?

    Command + Shift + 3 will take a screenshot for you and place it on your desktop named Picture 1.png

    You can also setup a SS button in your key bindings and it will pop the SS in your wow folder!

    Hope this helps!

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    Re: SS on mac?

    thanks all now that i look through my SS folder i see a couple of me in AV from AFTER i got my mac so i assume i was just casting Serpent Sting while my hands were jumbled (yes i play a huntard) but thanks all i guess i will re-bind it to F13

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    Re: SS on mac?

    Don't forget about the built in fraps it works so nice and compresses everything very well given length and size.

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