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    disc priest pvp (summary please) :P

    i was trying to find some threads with responses of discipline pvp at 80 : but wasnt really successful. there were some single answers offtopic but it seems to be so sure to skill discipline for pvp that noone needs a whole thread for it.

    feedback would be nice. do we get extremely killed? do we survive? do you think survivability will get better with resilience gear? do we get killed by melees as other clothies do? isnt 13% mana burned a little overpowered ? and even whats if we have to play against casters?

    answers strongly appreciated would be something like... cool ^^
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    Re: disc priest pvp (summary please) :P

    Ive been BGin with my disc priest who is mostly epic with like 3 frostsavage pieces for pvp and the trinket so im about 150 res.. 1v1 situations usually i can survive while and do pretty good damage.. if more people get on me (melee) then its like over cause they just crit every other swing, but thats the same with all clothies right now pretty much. Once we get some res disc is going to be extremely strong and i tihnk we'll hold our own very well... the mana burn is very nice now as i can get say a pally down 50% mana in about 4-5 casts maybe idk.. but currently all clothies are getting torn but once we get res.. we will be very very good pvp healers.. but then again so will the other 3 healer classes

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    Re: disc priest pvp (summary please) :P

    you gotta make sure u got a good build too, desperate prayer is a must imo for the first couple weeks of arena if not the whole season cause it really saves you in bad situations

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    Re: disc priest pvp (summary please) :P

    Because of the lack of stamina, resilience and the majority of teams taking advantage of the situation, the enviroment is not beneficial to clothies in general. Paladins and resto shamans seem to be doing ok in the match-ups ive seen with healers, but besides those 2 most other healers get beat too quickly. I think you can do well as a priest, but I would count on every fight being harder for you then the majority or teams, which is something I wouldn't want to do.

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