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    Seeking Feedback - Priest Blog

    Hi everyone...while yes, I know I likely could be exposing myself to some open flaming. I figured I would seek input and suggestions as to how to make my blog better.

    It is focusing on the Healing priest, leaving the DPS Priests to their own volition. I figured trying to cover BOTH aspects would be a task that would be best to split.

    Please feel free to comment here onthis thread with feedback.

    My blog is at www.talesofapriest.com


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    Re: Seeking Feedback - Priest Blog

    Seems like a solid informative blog.

    I will take my time tomorrow to read through it all. The blue text in the CoH part hurt my eyes the first few seconds but that just might be me ^^, but well blizzard quotes have to be blue.

    I used hymn of hope on Gothik this weekend somehow two healers failed at living side and only one healer and tank standing there, while i was the only healer on undead side and noone died. Anyway i saw the healer went oom so i ran as close to the gate i could get and started channeling, I'm glad i was of some help to the other side.

    Oh yeah, holy priests should indeed NOT use shields (if there is a discipline in the raid).

    But i like your blog.

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    Re: Seeking Feedback - Priest Blog

    Thanks... I am gonna likely change the blue text to a lighter shade so its easier to read. I appreciate the feedback!

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