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    Re: Is it true the new Resilence cap is 1320?

    Quote Originally Posted by Adrick
    I think we are getting off main subject. My point is getting to res cap would mean more survival for us. That was the end of that.

    The main point here is the fact that say I have 21% crit per say ok. This is PvE going to increase ALL 3 of my dots damage by 21% ok. This is supposed to bring our damage up. Now if I'm facing a target that have 1320 res aka 16.22% crit reduction.

    1. 21% increase to my dots is applied to target with a 16.22% reduction to crit. SO does this mean that my 3 dots only recieve a 4.78% damage increase on that 1320res geared target BEFORE the following?

    2. Resilence 2nd affect is Dot reduction. SO a 4.78% increase minus 32.44% reduction from the 2nd resilence affect leaves my dots ticking for 27.66% LESS than Base dmg with no crit rating at all.

    Correct or no? Please try to be specific and elaborate on detail, because atm its looking like that were in the same old Stack Spell Power Genre. Crits are great. Is it worth specing into the talent bonuses? WTB a Theorycrafter reply. Someone blow my mind with some real numbers and help me learn what blizzard is vague about explaining.

    Targeting someone with resilience doesn't lower 'your' crit rating, which is what the DoT scaling is based off.

    If I have 21% crit rating and someone has 4% reduction via resilience, my 'crit rating' remains 21% but my chance to actually crit is lowered to 17%. Chance to crit and crit rating are two different things.

    As Isfreak says, if a boss has an inate 20% crit reduction to beef it up a little, your chances of critting the boss would be 1%, but your crit rating would still be sitting at 21% and your DoT scaling would therefore be 21%.

    However, your DoT damage will be lowered by the second component of resilience, so if you have 21% crit and they have 4% reduction you'll only get +17%

    That's how I understand it

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    Re: Is it true the new Resilence cap is 1320?

    We do not.
    If we do, it's a bug.

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    Re: Is it true the new Resilence cap is 1320?

    well we dont really need too worry about priest in pvp as dps anymore, its dead and will stay dead tli we gain transform God spell or something like that

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