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    Re: Gladiator Slappywagzz on Priests in S5

    Quote Originally Posted by AetherMcLoud
    LOL you stupid troll. I pvp'd when you were shitting your trousers still judging by your choice of language. I probably got more skill in my pinky finger than you in your whole body.
    I really doubt it tbh, but w/e can't prove you wrong. I see your mainly whining about Ret Palas, Muti / shs dagger rogues / fury/ms/prot warrior / arcane mage atm, and its kinda nice that you post all the OVERPOWEREDNESS classes here at once, Your a priest, cloth, with not even 50% of the resi cap, and ofc it has with skills to do, your team mate should assist you more, so you actually can get away from the classes you just mentioned.

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    Re: Gladiator Slappywagzz on Priests in S5

    Gladiator Interviews: How do you feel Rogue Mage Priest is going to play out in Season 5?

    Slappywagzz: Shaman Warrior was my other comp I really enjoyed and I'd say it's probably one of the most skill based comps of TBC.

    Slappywagzz: I don't think Rogue Mage Priest is going to be a very good combo because Mages and Rogues are pretty weak at the moment. Priests are probably the best healer in the game right now but I don't think they'll be good enough to carry the other two =\ I think Priest Warlock Warlock would actually be really strong with Warlocks being able to do insane damage with UA and also picking up Soul Link at the same time.


    This guy is a joke.

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    Re: Gladiator Slappywagzz on Priests in S5

    Quote Originally Posted by Pookiepoh
    I really doubt it tbh, but w/e can't prove you wrong. I see your mainly whining about Ret Palas, Muti / shs dagger rogues / fury/ms/prot warrior / arcane mage atm, and its kinda nice that you post all the OVERPOWEREDNESS classes here at once, Your a priest, cloth, with not even 50% of the resi cap, and ofc it has with skills to do, your team mate should assist you more, so you actually can get away from the classes you just mentioned.
    You either just don't get it or you just want to troll for trolling's sake.

    Melee is overpowered against cloth, especially warlocks and priests. Hell they kill moonkins who have close to plate armor in their stunlock just the same.

    You cannot judge my skill yeah, but I can. You end-all argument is "LULZ GET RESI CAPPED". Though you ALWAYS DODGE THE QUESTION "how the fuck are you supposed to get resilience capped which requires more than 2000 arena rating, if you are getting raped all the time?".

    Also yeah, my partner should do all the stuff for me. Why doesn't he just play 1vs2 then? Why doesn't he play with a class that CAN DO SOMETHING IN ARENA? So in 2v2 where priests/warlocks are involved, those are supposed to be damage sponges so that the other partner has a few seconds where he can do what he wants (if he's not blinded/stunned/incapacited or whatever). Yeah right, that sounds ABSOLUTELY BALANCED.

    I still stand by my judgement that you are not full age, still living in hotel mama, and play a rogue/warrior/retardadin. Prove me wrong if you will.
    You know what is better than drinking a beer? Brewing your own beer. And then drinking it. And then... Drinking another beer. And then, punching somebody in the snout! That's what!

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    Re: Gladiator Slappywagzz on Priests in S5

    Quote Originally Posted by Sykk
    Are you referring to that key that makes the character move forward!! That should be nerfed!!
    no charge intercept, shadowstep, sprint, DK grasp, Spirit walk Repentence, HoJ and so on is what I think he ment

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    Re: Gladiator Slappywagzz on Priests in S5

    I'm not sure why everyone is talking so bad on shadow pvp. For one thing, your partner is an important aspect. I'm running with an arcane mage right now, and double dps teams are cake. We actually have more trouble with Resto Shaman/***
    than anything else. Rogues? Pfft. I've spent my entire time 70-80 and at 80 fending off rogues while leveling/questing so I know how to deal with them. In arenas they almost seem like a joke right now with the way our team is handling them. Boom, the other dps is dead in 4-5 seconds while the rogue is still trying to set me up (they ALWAYS go for me and not the mage, which is wrong imo), and then it's time to gank the rogue.

    I'm currently at 17.8k hp and 470 resil and there's a HUGE difference than when I'm just in my pvp gear. I almost want to go disc just because I know I would never die when I had mana as long as my partner was up, but my survivability as shadow is still something amazing as long as *drumroll* You know what you're doing!

    Don't fret people...get yourself some resil, and learn to pvp as shadow.

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    Re: Gladiator Slappywagzz on Priests in S5

    gladiator holyfire reporting in to call the OP a moron

    first days of s5 i've tried disc and shadow running above 650 resiliance, i dueled my warrior friend.... after the duel he asked why i used pve gear, i said i wasnt.

    he said "oh"

    that is all

    oh god i just started actually reading the interview, is this "gladiator" a complete fool?

    he says he used programms to reduce his ping. thats ALL they do, the improve the number at the bottom of your screen, they have no affect on your gameplay.

    he talks about rmp. the mage can spam frostbolt and the priest spams mana burns? ermm no. rmp is all about insane control. using the rogues CC and slows, combined with the mage offering the same thing played well the combo is really powerful, the priest healer is just the icing on the cake being the only healer with a CC on a 30 second cooldown ( although i predict with 45 second hex rms will now be favoured) if his team was playing around spamming then they cant of been good. the idea when playing that setup is to chain cc's on their team then either taking a guy down before their team can do anything at all, or getting them in such a bad situation the game is all but won.

    what does he think about rmp in s5, WEAK? is he crazy, rogues especially mutilate are very good right now, insane damage. mages, well arcane spec is so stupid right now that it will be the rogue and the mage carrying the priest not the other way around.

    he likes to idea of priest 2x lok, ermmm ok pick the weakest class u can find, and take 2 of them. and with all your CC's being fears, gl getting that off DR. terrible setup

    its true priest lok is fairly good against 2 dps, BEFORE 3.0. now its the mages with the resistances and the warlocks with, well not alot. it will be even easier than ever before, 2 dps teams will simply cc the priest while they easily take down the warlock. sure they have SL but with no improved pet talents it will be super squishy and warlocks have very limited escapes. even weaker to rogues than ever before

    to put this badiators views in perspective, pw:s does absorb alot, until you realise that its about as much as 1 eviserate crit or 1 sudden death proc, sooo yea its alot better than tbc, but it hasnt scaled any better than the damage.

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    Re: Gladiator Slappywagzz on Priests in S5

    The guy used someting called sarcasm in his post, you understand that when he calles rogues/mages weak and want too go priest warlock warlock :P

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    Re: Gladiator Slappywagzz on Priests in S5

    LOL @ tards in this post you've been trolled and you don't even know it.

    Ill be nice and SPELL IT OUT FOR YOU , HE WAS JOKING.

    L2play and also L2read and maybe L2brain?

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    Re: Gladiator Slappywagzz on Priests in S5

    Terrible joke, terrible website. His sarkasm was clearly not as good as it could have been.

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    Re: Gladiator Slappywagzz on Priests in S5

    His sarkasm was clearly not as good as it could have been.
    I respectfully disagree. He managed to not only trick a ton of people but the site owners as well. Though not really tongue in cheek funny it was rather sneaky.

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    Re: Gladiator Slappywagzz on Priests in S5

    Quote Originally Posted by Kokolums
    Shadow Priests are ridiculously overpowered and always have been. The key is - they are not supposed to get up in melee range and try to do face-to-face combat with a melee. You are a caster. You are supposed to do damage from range. I don't care that the arena maps are all flat, open terrain. A warrior or rogue is -supposed- to dominate in flat, open areas. A priest dominates them in terrain that is broken, has different levels, has a water hazard, etc. In starcraft terms, a shadow priest is a seige tank. You get on a ledge overlooking a valley, and blast away. Same as day one. Being good at arena-in-a-box-of-flatland does not make you good at pvp.
    So what do you do when a rogue cheap shots, crippling poison, trinkets your fear, pops CoS, vanishes and begins stun locks again? I'd love to know how you get back to range... and even when u explain how you do that what is stopping the rogue using Deadly Throw, Sprint, Shadowstep to close it down instantly agan?

    And thats just 1 of your opponents, if the other is a feral druid, warrior or DK you have their abilities to put up with as well.

    the person who said World of Meleecraft couldn't have been more correct.

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    Re: Gladiator Slappywagzz on Priests in S5

    go play 20 games of arena and post this crap on the forum.

    Stay Ranged? what a joke.

    Rogue comes gg
    hamstring gg,
    earth bind totem gg, ( ah ah, bubble, flash heal, physic scream -> Trinket -> Dipersion, wait till im almost done with the 6 secnds -> stun CANT HEAL . Dead.)


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    Re: Gladiator Slappywagzz on Priests in S5

    Blizzard is brainafk. Fuck off.. I'm a 3x Gladi-WL and going to quit this game right now.

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    Re: Gladiator Slappywagzz on Priests in S5

    Quote Originally Posted by S
    [N ]
    Shadow priests don't stand a chance (Not in 2v2, 3v3 bracket). I did some 3's yesterday. Done around 20 games, only came up again 3 teams with casters in them.

    Majority were:
    DK, Warr, Healer.
    Rogue, Rogue, Healer.
    Rogue, Rogue, Ret.
    DK, Rogue, Ret.
    DK, Enh, Ret

    etc etc.. You get the drift.

    Shadow priest arena basically consists of (atm). SWP, DP..Dispersion..Bubble, try and heal...die..

    Disc however is very strong...they have excellent survivibility...probably why I'll be going disc.

    I ain't no gladiator, however my 2's and 3's did reach 2K in S4 as shadow. Imo casters are going to be destroyed by any well balanced (lulz) melee team. Especially ones with Dks in them.

    Perhaps the burst will be toned down once casters can start stacking around 600-700 res. I have 470 (5%+ Crit reduction and around 12-13% Crit damage reduction) res atm and i still get burst down like a mofo by Melee/Ranged teams.
    470 resil isnt what it used to be at 70,... at 70 it was like 15-20% crit / dmg reduction wasnt it?

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    Re: Gladiator Slappywagzz on Priests in S5

    Quote Originally Posted by Devia
    Maybe you guys are just bad and don't know how to spec and use your spells properly? Why not give it a shot before bashing someone who knows how to play just because you don't?
    LOl if youve never played a priest in S5 dont speak.

    8k crit from retradin at 750 resilience..... Dont give me the shit that 300 more will save me

    Not to mention when you meet a warrior or rogue you just gotta sit there taking F*CKED amounts of dmg with MS on you... lol

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    Re: Gladiator Slappywagzz on Priests in S5

    Quote Originally Posted by Aeons
    insanely difficult for any 2 DPS team to kill a Priest with pain surpression
    i lol'd, really.

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    Re: Gladiator Slappywagzz on Priests in S5

    Quote Originally Posted by Chillstream
    Wow..Kokolums.. You must be playing the wrong game.. seriously..
    I'm a rank 14 priest, actually.

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    Re: Gladiator Slappywagzz on Priests in S5

    Another problem you guys have is arena is not pvp. Its a tiny little box where you have a bunch of open flat land. Of COURSE melee is going to dominate there. A priest needs terrain advantage to attack from range. That's how its been since day 1. Arena is a joke.

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    Re: Gladiator Slappywagzz on Priests in S5

    hello ya'all! miss me? guess not. i cam back to see hows arena, and tbh i really like pvping with my priest.

    my spec isn't shadow - and not willing to try it. (sorry shadows, this time i must agree a bugged 51 talent that was made for pvp sucks, if it'll be fixed i'll try shadow).

    my spec (and many lol at me) is a very hybrid spec. i don't have PS simpley cause with all the stuns i can't use it, since i get owned threw it. at first i went for the "traditional" discipline spec with all the new "cool" talents that improve my sheild and all that crap, grace, divine ageis etc - just check all talent tree's posted here i can say i tried em all and was dissapointed - if my CD's weren't used properly and the other team knew how to play their class i would go "1, 2, 3 dead". but then i decided to take a risk, and go half holy half discipline. yes i was very sceptic picking lolwell, and going down till bless ressiliance in holy, infact i was laughing at myself for it, asking my team mates not to be mad at me if i die/fail. rest of my points are in the discipline tree. i have zero mana talents - not even 1 that allows my spell to cost less, only meditation. i don't pick mana burn (we all figured out its pretty useless if u need to keep yourself alive threw the burst and/or your parter/s). i took this spec for 2vs2. usually i am the main target: something like "Priest! kill!", i open lolwell before they attack me assuming that they will attack me (considering other priests preformance they just go for me and i know it so i'm geting ready). lolwell can be clicked even when u r stuned, during casting, and from a 5yard range (maybe more 5 yard was what i noticed). this might sound rly funny. i have SoL, reflective sheild (i was against it, but it turned out pretty well). i survive most teams, ofc some teams - especially the ones that still bother to purge, kill me, though i have SoR and usually my partner kills 1 just when i die giving me 15 more sec to heal him and win. rogues are rofl to me, renew sheild prom, since i know the attack is coming on me, why would i even bother hiding - come attack me, i rather it be me then my partner atm. atm everything isn't balance and this spec - is purely unbalanced as well, yet lolwell keeps me up when i'm stuned a sheild and prom and sometimes a sol between stuns. atm most the setups i met had warrior, rogue, dk, retardin - all of these are atm no threat. when i don't have SoL and i'm afraid to get intterupted (we all know interrupt is death when its a holy school spell), i use holy nova. i don't care how much mana i have, arena's aren't about draining atm - when it will be i'll spec for draining as well.

    i know this spec sounds weird, yet i really recomend all the tradional arena players (which are here as i read the whole thread, not agreeing with gladiator post - and do see it or him and a joke, rly "priests are the best healers" rofl druids and paladins are much better sorry to dissapoint, ofc argueabe) to try out some mixed specs not going full in any healing tree. i personally play with a rogue or enhanc shaman. most arena's last 2-3 mins, in most i don't even need to use my pet. some of them even last less. the lolwell + blessed ressiliance + blessed recovery + desprate prayer + healing focus + unbreakable will + martyrdom + imp. inner fire and sheild + focused will and enlightment are a great combination for survivability. i play atm with 560 ress, which is not much, and far from cap. i fight a decent challenge against most rogues i know, even though the spec is abit gimpy. i have PI as well - though i tend to not use it (GCD), once the main attack was my partner who was easly healed up with PI on myself and him using his CD's to survive. 1826 rating so far, 7 losses all as full discipline.

    i think the main problem with "discipline" healers going full discipline - just like tbc arena seasons might be it. when there will be 972 ressiliance on gear + geming + all i might consider the traditional full discipline for arena, but atm this spec with lolwell and all the defensive abilities allow me - if i use correctly my spells to survive. i must add: skill, lightwell is targetable so you need to be able to target yourself after, also knowing what spell to use first in what situation.

    i know as usual, and the main reason i don't post here at all is the flames. so don't bother flaming - just try it out and check some very hybrid specs - from my experiance so far - its very "survivable" and allows you to last abit longer. when a rogue duels me i win usually due to reflective sheild - this isn't a must its just for fun. there is one thing i'm dissapointed about, veiwing the recount seeing my healing on self is mainly done with lolwell. So still: priests don't heal. i want to heal in pvp and i wish that just like blizz arranged tanking to be interesting, dps to be insane, healing to be fun and challenging. atm with the current situation i really recomend this hybrid spec.

    no hate just love! rly recomend this spec, its weird, funny and unexpected.

    also want to add: this spec is almost useless in BG's, but most priests specs are, just the other day had 2 rogues, a feral (nerf druids all their specs are pro wtf) and 2 warriors on me, i looked on my screen and alt f4. sorry but that isn't a challange - not for me or for them. i guess all priests in BG's score highest recored of "killed most time in one BG". donno about shadow's i feel for ya in arena's, maybe in BG's its better, though as i said if i need to count a 51 talent to survive which i know is broken and bugged, i'd rather wait for a fix then to enrage when it doesn't work.

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    Re: Gladiator Slappywagzz on Priests in S5

    Arrr the good old troll meow returns, btw you royally failed on your 'disc sucks in pve and I know cause I'm pro! speech,' that I seen you throwing around the forums in beta. However this isn't the thread for that. I'd love to comment on your spec unfortunately errr yeah you forgot to link it...
    'u get constant hit by ice shit from roof so you can travel instantly all across the room'

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