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    Any guides to shadow priest PvP?

    I have always been a pve player at heart, only doing arena for the weapons which were just insane at the time, however having cleared all the content in about 2 weeks and with the reset to gear (no more getting facerolled by idiots who only kill me because of gear cough warriors cough) I thought some pvp would be fun to try seriously.

    Now yes I need to learn fast how to do it properly, when I was doing S1/2 was able to find stuff like waiting through the first stun with rogues and trinketing the second and little tips like that but are there any guides for shadow priests with tips and tricks? I'm well aware you won't find guides like pve bosses but ideas and tricks would be good to read.
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    Re: Any guides to shadow priest PvP?

    Don't be a shadow priest in arena. You will get raped.

    IMHO holy with blessed resilience and either full with guardian spirit or hybrid with disc up to power infusion, reflective shield and focused will is the way to go. Sad but true. I too would love to play arena as a shadow priest (which I really enjoy in pve) or disc (which I too enjoy as a healing spec), but I just cannot see it workin until you have a reasonable amount of resilience - which probably means somewhere aroud 800.
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    Re: Any guides to shadow priest PvP?

    Yes the arena maps heavily favor melee. A priest is a caster and performs best when he can obtain a terrain obstruction. You can't wear cloth and expect to beat a melee class wearing heavy armor and wielding a big sword standing right next to them.

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    Re: Any guides to shadow priest PvP?

    The best guide to pvping as shadow .. is to go Disp..
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    Re: Any guides to shadow priest PvP?

    as the others said. If you're gonna pvp with a priest, do not specc shadow. It's 0 survivability for pvp. Sure Dispersion might make you a lesser god for 6 seconds but if your opponent is really fast that's 6 seconds of quality right hand time, since all you'll be doing is jumping around like a silly shadowbubble.

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