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    Re: Shadow Priest S5 Arena Guide

    Quote Originally Posted by Elektrik
    Not saying that spriests are in a good position at all...but please, for the love of god, realize that you can hit dispersion BEFORE you are about to die. It isn't pally bubble, you can't heal to full inside of it.

    Pop it AS SOON AS you know you are getting focused. People blow their burst within the first second or two of switching to a new target. If you anticipate this, and see people running towards you, hit it right before they get there.

    It isn't hard to kill someone who becomes vulnerable with 5% health, but it is much harder to kill someone with 80% health without cooldowns.
    Good point Electric. If you anticipate their initial focus bursts and let them blow some of their CD's, This will put your partner in a good position to CC or put some heavy damage on one of them if you are running a 2 DPS team. I plan on running wit a Spriest soon in 2s as a warlock.
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    Re: Shadow Priest S5 Arena Guide

    Because after they see you turn into a shadowy blob, they're TOTALLY going to go ahead and blow their cooldowns, right?

    It's a horrible idea to Disperse in anticipation of the initial burst. It's only viable to use it as soon as the first hit lands, so there's a good chance they won't have enough response time to stop from wasting their second hit. Unfortunately, the first hit from most classes is most likely going to bring you near 50%. And then you're a shadowy blob, and they can stop attacking (or if they're a Rogue/Druid, free combo points or restealth without blowing a cooldown!) and wait until you undisperse to finish the burst.

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    Re: Shadow Priest S5 Arena Guide

    Respec. Wait for dual spec. Pay up about 150 gold when you want to PvP (2x50 + glyph cost) while waiting. Oh, and grind totaly new gear for your new Disc spec... enchant it, gem it, win!

    And don't think you will not die in a very horrible way anyways...

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    Re: Shadow Priest S5 Arena Guide

    I've been killed from 75%-0% in dispersion in 2's. And I have 19k health. Gogo burst.

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    Re: Shadow Priest S5 Arena Guide

    i've 587 resi and 19k hp unbuffed, and yet BM hunters can kill me in 1 CD of their BW, my partner killed the other one while i whas healing/dispersing, then he pops BW again :s good thing it's getting nerfed, but priests can be good too, when ppl downed some1's partner, they think: YES WE WON. that happened to me with a holy pala and a retridin, and i kicked their asses 2v1 :>, but we need a boost tho, we can't even burst in arena, mostly i have to go into a defensive stance before i can attack, like vs a boomkin and a ench shammy, they nuke me with 7 mobs together, the wolves break their own fear and stun me and the trees do big dmg, not to mention that the shammy and a boomkin are killing me too, how am i supposed to live longer than 7 seconds? included dispersion, they should buff dispersion with 36% hp again, or a new talent.
    and look at this move >> << we do 0 dmg in 1.25 sec and he does 20k dmg in 1.25... doesn't seem fair to me..
    i pay for this game but this doesn't make the game more fun to me..

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    Re: Shadow Priest S5 Arena Guide

    Quote Originally Posted by Fuggle
    I've been killed from 75%-0% in dispersion in 2's. And I have 19k health. Gogo burst.
    that is possible.. 75% of your hp is 14250, i think you used it when you were under the effect of HoJ which has a talent that makes % absorption thingies have 50% less effect so that's only 45% less dmg taken.
    That's 14250x100=142500 dmg to be nuked, taken by half is 71250 dmg, and ret paladin can burst good nuff and if it were a 2 dps team it whas possible.
    /care if my calculations are wrong.

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