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    PVP hit rating

    Anybody know of what the magic number is for hit rating in PVP since 3.0?

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    Re: PVP hit rating

    Depends on your enemy and his talent spec. *shrugs*
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    Re: PVP hit rating

    With 3/3 Shadow Focus:

    9% for Dispels
    6% for Shadow Spells

    With 3/3 Shadow Focus, and 3/3 Misery

    6% for Dispels
    3% for Shadow Spells

    Remember Dispel is a Holy School spell, thus it do not benefit from Shadow Focus. However I belive it benefits from Misery. I asked on Elitiest Jerks the other day ;-)

    So aim for atleast 6% hit in your PvP gear if you can.

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    Re: PVP hit rating

    Wait, 9%? That's more than double what it was pre-3.0, I didn't think Blizz messed with PvP hit values. Used to be 4% (or maybe 5%, I know two points in Shadow Focus used to cover it).

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