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    Makro Question?!

    Hello mates,

    I'm looking for some Makros, they should do the following:


    # show tooltip
    look If there is a Bloodrune (no matter if it has CD, just a notification)
    ---if True, should use Bloodstrike
    ---if False,(means that there will be a Deathrune atm) use Icy Touch


    # show tooltip
    look If the mob has already, the Debuff from Icy Touch
    ---if True, cast Deathcoil
    ---if False, cast Icy Touch



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    Re: Makro Question?!

    Cannot be done under the current WoW API system. It causes too much automation. I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure that kind of stuff was removed waaaaaay back before BC.

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    Re: Makro Question?!

    Only macros here - your hands.
    Else everyone would make a button which would
    Cast Icy Touch, If it hit cast PS, if not recast, cast PS, if hit, cast BS,BS bla bla bla

    All would play with just 1 smart button, its no longer possible to check debuffs on target

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    Re: Makro Question?!

    I think it should work with thinks like


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    Re: Makro Question?!

    It won't. Insisting it will won't help you.

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