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    Addon settings reset

    Hey. My settings for Pitbull Unit Frames reset and I am not intelligent enough to fix them. I used the file from Metz UI 2.2 back in the day pre 2.4. I would really like to have those back, so my question is - any way to recover it? I have the UI .rar still on my computer, but I don't know which parts to copy - if it will work at all. Any insight would be much appreciated.


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    Re: Addon settings reset

    Do you have a screen of how it used to be? Someone could possible walk you through setting it up again.
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    Re: Addon settings reset

    Yeah, I have a SS, but I don't think this method is worthwhile. I have the file, I just don't know if there is a way to copy it.



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    Re: Addon settings reset

    You need the stuff from the WTF folder.

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    Re: Addon settings reset

    Yep try searching for all pitbull files in WTF folder (search: pitbull) from Metz UI and then replace with them the ones broken. After this I think you ll need to log in and select Default profile or some specific profile (like Metz) in Pitbull

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