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    EEpanels2, KgPanels, and Photoshop


    I am a complete nub when it comes to using photoshop but I would like to make custom borders using either EEpanels2 or KgPanels. I currently have an old version of Photo 7.0 (i should have a cracked CS2 somewhere on disc but Id have to find it).

    Can someone either help me with advice or a link to a tutorial?
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    Re: EEpanels2, KgPanels, and Photoshop

    Well its a hell of a program to learn tbh...Not easy to realistically.

    Once you get used to how the layers work, its easier to use if you actually do some sort of art yourself.

    I tend to use vectortuts.com or vectorials.com

    For illustrator. but has PS areas, also you should find some decent affliated sites within.

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    Re: EEpanels2, KgPanels, and Photoshop

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    Re: EEpanels2, KgPanels, and Photoshop

    anyone has a friend that uses photoshop. ask him to make it for you

    if you wanna learn photoshop just to create an addon theme, it's like learning blacksmithing just to create pins. there are other easyer ways. i'm not saying you cant do it... you can but if you dont have a digital graphic editing background, you will sacrifice a lot of your wow playtime

    even all the tutorials in the world cant help you if you dont have the basic knowledge about computer graphics

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