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    Re: Sarth 25 +3 Drakes : A Tutorial

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    Re: Sarth 25 +3 Drakes : A Tutorial

    The guild I am in is currently putting together the best group we can for 10-man Sarth 3D. Now, this is considered to be the hardest considering you have less versatile classes. Luckily the group I've put together are our most skilled classes for the encounter. Here is the list I've put together.

    Feral Druid - MT for Sarth
    Protection Warrior - Tanking the 3 Drakes
    Protection Paladin - Tanking the fire and whelp adds. Added HoS (Hand of Sacrifice) for MT. This will be me.
    Disciple Healing Priest - Benefits to help take the Flame breaths with PW:S and Suppression and Divine Spirit for additional mana regen.
    Holy Paladin - HoS and put points in Protection tree for Divine Guardian
    Elemental Shaman - Off healing when needed and heroism. Extremely high DPS
    MS Hunter - MD to Prot Warrior for the 3 drakes. Reliable DPS
    Pyro mage - one of our best dps and Arcane Brilliance for extra mana.
    2 Warriors Arms and Fury - These are 2 of our additional best DPS and the benefit from their shouts for extra health and DPS.

    From the group I've put together we've almost have all areas covered except for maybe more mana regen. I'm hoping tonight to attempt at the 3D. Also, an additional note on when we're going to use Heroism and all dps cooldowns is the time when Tenebron is up and when Shadron comes into the fight. This allows high dps output to be used on both drakes. And since there is a 20 second time lapse between Shadron is engaged and the next flame wall. This gives us a full amount of time to kill Tenebron before the second whelp portal spawns and Shadron spawns his first portal. Right now all the players I have put into group have nearly all 25-man gear. No easy fight, but at least it'll be a challenging fun fight for once. Considering since we did a full clear of all 25-man raids Tuesday and wednesday of this week.

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    Re: Sarth 25 +3 Drakes : A Tutorial

    first of all thank you for the tactics - it helped us to clear som misunderstandings about the fight ( yes, its the spawning of elementals argument ;D )

    just one more question... you mentioned something about being in the lava helps avoiding the dmg from the wave, is this correct or is it me being an idiot again? :-[

    we're starting our progress on monday so wish us luck 8)
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