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    Purge macro

    Hello everyone out there.
    I'm sitting here all alone in my condole with my shaman nagging about me tabbing for targets to purge instead of using a one button macro for doing this.
    If I'm not mistaken there's a command for next target but I don't remember what it is. So, this is what I want the macro to do:
    #1. Target a hostile target/Jump to next hostile target
    #2. Purge.
    and then over and over again almost like a castsequence macro or something like it.

    This would make puring in for example Naxxramas extremely easy.


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    Re: Purge macro

    /cast Purge

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    Re: Purge macro

    Does that help me circling around? I want it to work like the "TAB+actionbarbutton" but merged together.

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    Re: Purge macro

    /targetenemy does excactly the same thing as tab.

    And it got the same problems as tab have, with targeting the same target multiple times -.-

    The TBC solution was a /script SetCVar() but that's been disabled in the current API, so you'll have to do with the above solution.

    But you could atleast have tried it out before asking.....

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    Re: Purge macro

    Sorry for "slacking" with testing it. The thing was that i didn't get any good time to test it with my shaman. Sorry for that again and I'll take your tip with me and do m research and testing a bit more definite next time.

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