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    Re: The next few months in Northrend

    Looking at it.

    The problem is, the userbase doesn't shrink in size and until I can come up with more mods, yes moderation is going to be brutal. (Which is why I started recruiting, but a bunch of mail issues made it slower than expected)

    Btw, 3 pages of posts about that and only 2 people mentioning actually reporting it to me still make some of you a bunch of bored flamers. I'm sure it's pretty fun to bash mods publicly with the help of tons of other people who will agree with you anyway, but I don't think it's really helping.

    It will eventually get better when we get a few additional mods, but blaming everything on mods doesn't really help. Some of you mentionned a lot of trolls not being banned on forums, but how many of you actually report them? More than 1500 posts are created each day, the effective amount of moderators is probably around 4 or 5, and I'm not expecting them to read 300 posts a day.

    Here is a normal day of reporting :

    Out of 1500 posts, it seems that only 10 of them were bad enough to be reported, we both read the forums and know it might be the exact number of quality posts out there. We will also notice that 90% of these mails are tagged as unread in my Outlook, because I don't have the time to handle moderation anymore. (Just in case someone wants to point it out.) I'm not trying to blame users, I won't blame moderators either for something that I'm not even doing by myself, they're still cleaning a lot of crap from the forums and they're actually making the whining about them easier because most of the time you won't have the time to see the very, very, very bad posts. ^^

    In the end, I really don't care whose fault it is, users, mods, me (let's pretend it's me, I'm too lovable to be fired), but it's definitely a shame to see so many people insulting mods when it could have been much simpler to forward it to me and just go along with the discussion.

    In exchange, warlock tier 8.

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    Re: The next few months in Northrend

    Cleaned up the thread. The OP has been banned permanently for another post a few days ago - I don't know who is responsible for this nor which post caused it.

    We're also going to rewrite forum rules to make things clearer. Meanwhile, just know this: they will be stricter and harsher.
    This isn't the only time a /discuss tempban has been given and as a rule of thumb don't do it, it incites trolling.

    You can disagree with the rules, but complaining about moderation itself is not going to change much. Now please come back on the subject, else this thread will have to be locked.
    If you have further problems with me, please take it to PMs.
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    Re: The next few months in Northrend

    Quote Originally Posted by Boubouille
    In exchange, warlock tier 8.

    Well, I have been asking myself, will they truly implement the truly epic legendary Putress armor, if so; I WANT IT RIGHT NOW, NOW NOW!

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