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    What is this UI ??


    Theres so much stuff that looks so good that i havent heard of lol...what's the
    Raid grouping UI
    DPS thing....
    Bartender thing on top of screen
    The bars...
    and the health bars ? Cuz i dont think its pitbull

    any help is really appreciated ^^

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    Re: What is this UI ??

    Yes that is pitbull, top bar is fubar, raid grouping is also pitbull, dps thing is SW Stats, though Recount is WAY better >_<

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    Re: What is this UI ??

    kk ty !!!
    oh yea on last thing do u know the name of the chat thing?
    imo the blizzard rounded rectangle thing looks ugly any1 know a good chatmod to make the window look better?

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