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    Blizzard nerfed Spirit ?

    I was reading though the offical wow forums and found this topic


    Now as i read though it they talk about spirit being nerfed, now what are they talking about my mana regen and mp5 seem to be in the same ratio as they were in BC, and i know they raised the mana cost of spells and made it pointless to down rank the heals. But what did they actually do to Spirit as a stat that was considered a nerf.

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    Re: Blizzard nerfed Spirit ?

    With patch 2.4 I belive it was, they improved the regen from Spirit Massively, making priests stacking spirit for awesome regen.

    With Patch 3.0 they normalized the coefficiency to what I belive is the same as it was before the buff.

    On the other hand, the doubled the regulare amount of spirit we have on our gear, so at level 80 it proved to be pretty much a irrelevant "nerf".

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    Re: Blizzard nerfed Spirit ?

    Thats what i though, thanks for the reply.

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    Re: Blizzard nerfed Spirit ?

    No no no.

    Blizzard did not double the amount of spirit on gear.

    Basically, what happened was:

    At lvl 70, you needed some 450 intellect to "break even" on the manaregen formula. This was the point where 1 spirit provided you 1 MP5 while not casting. Obtaining 450 intellect was not hard; most priests at the end of TBC were closing on 800-1000 int raidbuffed.

    At lvl 80, you now need 1297 intellect to "break even". This cap is by large unattainable at the moment. Most priests noticed this around lvl 74-75, when they started to notice that for every level they went up, their manaregen went DOWN by some 30-50 MP5. Which made both questing and instancing a lot harder than you were used to. Personal note; my T6 gear got me down from beyond 300 to 175 MP5 in ten levels. At the same time, my spell costs almost doubled. In short, healing was hell when you ran OOM after casting 10 spells, and an innervate didn't even fill your manabar.

    By gearing up with naxx purples, you close this gap pretty good though. You will still run out of mana, but at the beginning every single epic item I got gave me 20 more MP5 to play with. After replacing most of it, it doesn't really feel like a major issue anymore. But for a while, it definitively was.

    The "spirit nerf" is basically that blizzard changed the mana regen coefficient to require you to stack a whole lot more intellect in order to have any decent manaregen from spirit. But since intellect is turning out to be a very good manaregen stat these days (almsot all manaregen abilities work based on max mana pool), stacking int is actually not that bad. Also, priests are having troubles getting out of the FSR anyway, and the CoH nerf won't help at all. I'm starting to question whether even holypriests should stack spirit to be honest. You can't avoid spirit, but int is usually a lot better. At least at this stage of the game.

    By the time we hit T9, I expect the 1293 int required to "break even" to be very easily obtainable. Comparing T6 to T7 is not really fair. Some regen issues were to be expected. It just hit priests VERY hard there for a while. Get some naxx gear, and you will have it a lot easier.

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    Re: Blizzard nerfed Spirit ?

    Raid buffed i'm at about 1100 spirit and 1300 int. 510mp5 and 2779 sp. On the issue of mana, its never a problem with replenishment, lose that and sometimes you may be askin for an innervate but for the most part once you get naxx25 gear mana is not a huge issue. Just stack crit to about 20% or more unbuffed, get urself to 16k mana at least unbuffed and the mana regen will come with the gear.

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