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    BOE Non-Engineer Cables

    Now I know at first this topic will get some flame, well maybe it will all be flame, but hear me out. As non-engineer and dpser one of the things i always wanted was to use the jumper cables. The problem? I'm not an engineer. A great way i think to solve this would be for blizzard to implement plans for boe jumper cables, boe, same CD, same usage, but with 2 distinct differences.

    1. they do not require being an engineer to use. \

    Now normally just this would throw the entire engineer community into and uproar, as jumper cables are one of the few unique things they can bring, but i did say there were 2 things right?

    2. And this is the big one. They are one time use items. Meaning you use them once, they activate the 30minute CD, and their gone, the only way to use another is either make sure you have another set made and with you, or you BUY another set.

    This would, imo, make engineering a much more attractive and prosperous profession, even more so if they made them say Unique, or maybe Unique(5). So that you could have stack of them in ur inventory and make rezzers obsolete.

    Lemme know what you guys think, maybe this isn't such a good idea, but heh...the way I see it any idea is good until someone disproves it.

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    Re: BOE Non-Engineer Cables

    Uhm. No.

    /the end

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    Re: BOE Non-Engineer Cables

    If Blizz could come up with new ideas for new useful stuff to give engineers then sure this would work. But unfortunately they can't seem to do that so sorry, you will not be the recipient of our spin-off engineering technology.

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    Re: BOE Non-Engineer Cables

    So, jumper cables that go boom after one use? I wouldn't let anyone come near me with those. What's the backfire? You ignite the corpse, forcing the ghost to be sent 2 graveyards over? -.-

    Seriously lol.

    One thing I want: A Jackhammer. Attempt to harvest all ore/gems from a node, but may destroy the node in the process.

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    Re: BOE Non-Engineer Cables

    Quite simple. No.
    There's no need for every player to have a rez option... Engineers got little enough as it is.
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