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    Re: Leatherworking....where did all the drums go??

    Quote Originally Posted by n3rd702
    The comment about OS is true on our server. I was in an atrocious pug yesterday for 10 man Sanc. The whole raid (minus me) got hit by wave the first two, obviously wiping attempts. I just ran as soon as the tank died to save from lolrepair.

    We killed him, I got nothing, but faceroll ensued.

    Fail point is fail.
    My point is that WotCP raid content is ridiculously easy, which you confirmed with your contribution.
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    Re: Leatherworking....where did all the drums go??

    Quote Originally Posted by stouche
    gruul was hard as shit before nerfs, dunno what the hell youre talking about there chief
    Glad to know you found Gruul hard. Please can some competent people join the discussion?

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    Re: Leatherworking....where did all the drums go??

    Before the original nerfs to Gruul he was rather tough for any guild that wasn't geared and extremely competent. There used to be a lot of bugs with his shatter and hurtful strike and both those and his health were hotfixed and then nerfed again. Not to mention the fact that when bc came out he was a dps, tank, and healing check (dps check for growths, tank check for the fact that you needed two very well geared tanks, healing check for large amounts of damage quickly including keeping to tanks at near full and the occasional raid damage from shatter).

    So please, don't be cocky and act like Gruul has always been the easiest thing on the face of the planet. He did use to be quite hard around the gear level required for him, and before the hot fixes.

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    Re: Leatherworking....where did all the drums go??

    Quote Originally Posted by Carvel Creamer
    I think your confused. I'm not arguing that potions and flasks and food, and stacked buffs did not add to the gunpowder a raid group can bring to the instance. As a matter of fact its that very reason that there was a consolidation of a lot of these effects. Thats why you can't chug more than one potion while your in combat. Spellcasters can't just chug manapots, or more to the point, be expected to as a part of a Raid. That's why you have battle elixirs and guardian elixirs, and why flasks count as both.

    Now take a deep breath with me, because for some reason you just gloss over this very important game aspect and go right to the min/max. Fun. It doesnt add to it at all. Farming like this, for this reason is not fun. Its busy work that creates an artificial divide thats predicated simply on the amount of time you have. Maybe i don't want to piss away 20 minutes as prelude for the actual run.

    This is a conclusion that was reached by blizzard independently. Its a cutting away of useless old standbys that make sense from a lot of perspectives except one thats is based on fun. The only thing they nerfed apparently was some peoples self esteem. Honestly, what does it say about you if the difference between a big boys hardcore game and pap made for toddlers is the act of digitally picking flowers for 10 minutes?
    I've never seen it phrased better than this.
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