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    Priest PVP

    I was thinking of rolling a priest to pvp with. I know they aren't the best right now, but after thinking about it I feel like they will scale very well when new gear comes out. Also if my partners aren't the best in arena's I feel like being an amazing healer could increase my odds of winning.

    So im pretty sure to go Disc spec. to start, and I will probably roll with a rogue, ret, or hunter. But my questions were what Proffesions should I pick, and what race should I play alliance side.

    As for proffessions, leveling difficulty doesn't matter at all, I just need to know what the best is. I was thinking LW for 90 stam as an extra 1k hps might help survival a little. Then I thought about Engineering for the rocket boots enchant you can use in arenas, because i know in TBC it was abused the best by priests. I also feel like JC/BS is insanely powerful for the extra gemming it provides. Enchanting doesnit feel as good as it was in TBC to be honest. I am also somewhat compelled to try tailoring, but I dont know.

    Any advice from PVP priests would be greatly apprecited, thanks.

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    Re: Priest PVP

    Jewelcrafting and Leatherworking.

    The 3 Prismatic gems will help you godly with meta gem requirements, and allow you to obtain socket bonuses you may not had otherwise.

    Leatherworking for the superiour bracer enchant, which allows you to obtain all the best pvp enchants (I assume Resilience on chest, rather than +10 stats, for now) without using Abyss Crystals.

    Happy Hogswatch :-)

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    Re: Priest PVP

    Roll a human, take up enchanting and jewelcrafting, because not only can you make a profit from them but you ould also use the ring enchants to gain SP and the extra gems = teh sex.
    And take your time leveling, we're not getting fixed any time soon...

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    Re: Priest PVP

    You should probably go dwarf. Stoneform really wins for a priest (rogues >_<)

    Either that or Night Elf. Shadowmeld is better than most racials these days.

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    Re: Priest PVP

    My favorite priest I had was a Night Elf. I really don't think people know how powerful shadowmeld is. Now a days its incredible. I left that for my once OP Undead spriest..... what do you know I could have stayed NE and had all the priest racials I went for (Devouring Plague). W/E w/e. Please buff me. Profs are Jewelcrafter and Mining(aka 500 health). Mining is not a must but I don't like enchanting.

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