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    How much Hit / expertise you need for PvP

    HI there,

    how much hit and expertise is necessary for PvP on level 80?

    My Rogue will be a PvP only char, (Arena and BG)

    how much hit would I need for hitting with Yellow, poison, and white damage?

    And is expertise needed after all ?

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    Re: How much Hit / expertise you need for PvP

    Topic name Link
    Rogue hit rating and PvP http://www.mmo-champion.com/index.php?topic=30631.0
    How much expertise for PvP? http://www.mmo-champion.com/index.php?topic=30993.0

    If you are too lazy to use search tool,
    please just read first page topics names... if 2 first pages is too much...

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    Re: How much Hit / expertise you need for PvP

    5% hit for pvp...can be done via talent points or ~166 hit rating

    expertise is a tricky bugger cause rogues and feral druids will have high dodge rates. so theoretically if you dont wanna get dodged by them make sure you have 40% expertise, lol
    dont do this^^^

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