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    Pve spec after the CoH nerf

    I'v played shadow priest from the start (first beta) and i am a little tierd of it so i was thinking of speccing disc/holy for heroics/Naxx. I dont have alot of spirit on my gear so i was thinking of speccing something like this:
    http://www.wowhead.com/?talent=bVubzhxt0LoZfxtcf0oihV . My gear have alot of crit on it and i was thinking that this could be the best specc for me.

    My second question is: What are the most inportant stats for a healing priest? could anyone rank them?

    Appreciate your help

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    Re: Pve spec after the CoH nerf

    Altho CoH will be nerfed it will still be usefull so i think u should take it... about talents, take full improved Inner fire since that gives u 174 spellpower instead of 120, Healing focus is rarely usefull so u can invest the 2 points somewhere else.. like in Spiritual focus (i know u mentioned u dont have alot of spirit but if u plan on healing u will eventualy get some as u gear up)

    About stats... 3 most importatnt stats are as follows Int, spellpower and spirit... the more mana u have the more u gain from replenishment.. other stats like crit, haste, mp5 are usefull aswell and u mostly get them anyway with the epic gear from naxx so those are nothing to worry about

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