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    I figured it out guys!

    I found a way to PvP as shadow without being facerolled!
    I can't believe I missed this!
    It's so simple

    Here is how you do it:

    1st: Get some good PvE gear with lots of damage
    2nd: Have it enchanted/gemmed
    3rd: Ask around in your guild for a hunter - this isn't required, but it works best.
    4th: Travel to Sholazar Basin with your hunter mate.
    5th: Tell him to type this: /cast Track Humanoids, and ping every dot that shows up on his minimap.
    6th: Enjoy your melting spree.

    Yes I know it's a bit low, but can you really blame me? :'(

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    Re: I figured it out guys!

    take a druid instead!

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