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    Best Sellers List: Glyphs!

    Hey guys,

    As a fellow inscriber, I am wondering what your best selling/most profitable glyphs are these days - i.e. the glyphs that sell well (at least 1 a day) but also make you a tidy profit per glyph.

    For me, I've made good profit from the following:

    Blocking (prot warrior respecs)
    Rupture (rogue respecs?)
    Spirit of Redemption (arena priests? or just holy's who die a lot)
    Flash Heal
    Shadow (just got this one recently but seems to sell decently)
    Improved Scorch (staple for frostfire specs, but not for PvP builds, so high turnover here)
    Glyph of Obliterate (apparently good for DKs?)

    Levitate (staple glyph for priests)
    Dash (staple glyph for druids it seems)

    Please share your best glyphs so we can all benefit.  

    My practise is to sell them in a range of 14-25g bid, 25-40g buyout depending on current prices.  I rarely go higher than 40g, because IMO, if they're that high most buyers will just get the mats and get an inscriber to make it for them and tip accordingly.

    Also, if you know the glyphs that your class needs the most, please feel free to post.  The more scribes that know you want those glyphs, the more (reasonably priced) glyphs you'll see on the AH.

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    Re: Best Sellers List: Glyphs!

    I found out that quite a couple of mages like

    Glyph of Frostfire
    Glyph of Molten Armor


    Glyph of Slow Fall

    I make quite a bit of profit out of those.

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    Re: Best Sellers List: Glyphs!

    Alot of mages respecc frost for arenas, so I sold lots of :

    Ice Lance
    Icy Veins
    Water Elemental

    Molten Armor

    In particular, 1 mage gave me the mats for 1 stack of each of the Glyphs he needed to respecc frost for PvP, and then respecc back to Frostfire for PvE.

    He said it'll last until the Dual-Specc system is released 

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    Re: Best Sellers List: Glyphs!

    Glyph of death strike sells quite high on my realm, but the people on my realm must not know about the nerf next patch :-\
    around 45g they sell for lol

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    Re: Best Sellers List: Glyphs!

    For me


    These usually sell very well for 50-100g

    and minors

    Drain soul
    and what that waterwalking while sprinting one was called again

    They mostly sell 20-30g each and really well too
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    Re: Best Sellers List: Glyphs!

    steady shot all the way
    earned at least 2k gold while having the monopoly (99g each)
    devastate and mangle were great too
    but now there aren't any rare glyphs left

    i think it's pure luck cause it depends on which glyph is discovered less often on your server (so far)

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    Re: Best Sellers List: Glyphs!

    Glyph of Avenger's shield is one that you can probably make a lot out of. I know i payed 75g from the other faction's AH because it was the only one available on all of the realm.

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    Re: Best Sellers List: Glyphs!

    I sell Molten armor glyphs for 300 g (sold about 8 and i only put 2 each time and only when the ah dosent have it).Other then that, glyph of rupture sells for 50 g on my realm.

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    Re: Best Sellers List: Glyphs!

    death strike, scourge strike, and bone shield all sell briskly on my server. 25g a pop. isn't a ton, but when you sell 10 a day of each, it adds up.

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    Re: Best Sellers List: Glyphs!

    Glyph of vigor wins by far.

    I ve put 3 each night for 49.99 g buyout and for 4 nights in a row i sold all 3 of em.. just try it

    but again, maybe its just mine server that we lack those who have this glyph

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    Re: Best Sellers List: Glyphs!

    Spirit of Redemption is by far the best for me. Some PvE Priests really loved it....
    Guess its just a matter of taste :/ Only seems usefull to me with a 1 on 1 Boss who doesnt AE and seems a rather shame to use if you dont have a Holy Pally in the party...

    Its mostly added for PvP to begin with... oh well.... as long as it sells

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