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    Is this viable? (powerlevelling skinning)

    On my main, level 80 druid, I have enchanting and leatherworking as professions. With leatherworking, I've come to the point where skillups would require an Arctic Fur everytime. Without skinning this is a bitch to do, because Arctic Furs are insanely overpriced, and I'm not gonna spend 90-100g on a single skillup every time.

    I have a DK which just finished the starter quests, level 58, and I've been levelling skinning to 300-ish on him. Since I'm too lazy to level him, would it be feasible (and allowed) to put the DK on /follow on my wife's account, and thus multiboxing, with her character (lvl 80 rogue) killing all mobs and the DK skinning her kills? What about aggro with a level 58 character in Northrend?

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    Re: Is this viable? (powerlevelling skinning)

    Not sure about the "allowed" part but it would sure work. Aggro might be a problem, but nothing that you couldn't handle on your druid. Go someplace that has a TON of skinnable mobs and just camp it for awhile with the 58 DK in tow.

    Alternatively, what is your current LW skill? There are other options to leveling LW.
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    Re: Is this viable? (powerlevelling skinning)

    well multiboxing is allowed by blizzard, not sure about aggro, but you should be able to handle it with your druid

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    Re: Is this viable? (powerlevelling skinning)

    Well you'd be looking at mobs that are 10-12 levels above your DK, so the aggro radius would be pretty huge. It's definitely doable, but just be careful. TBH, it would probably be easiest just to level your DK and pick up some arctic fur on your own as you get in to Northrend. Outland only takes a few days to get through now.

    As far as the gold goes though, for BoE items, you can just craft them and then resell them on the AH to minimize the gold you're spending on each skillup. Also, advertise in trade chat "LFW [Leatherworking] free your mats" or something along those lines. Get other people to pay for your skillups, it's much nicer that way.
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    Re: Is this viable? (powerlevelling skinning)

    Aggro would be terrible, but the rogue is there to kill. Problem is you have to run everywhere and not fly. Another thing is if you are on a pvp server, anything in northrend seeing a 58 will be foaming at the mouth. In theory though, it should be doable. It might be more of a pita in practice.

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    Re: Is this viable? (powerlevelling skinning)

    Yeah, I'm sure I would be able to handle it on my druid, but my druid is on the same account, so I'm gonna have to use my wife's main, a rogue. Never having played a rogue, I hope that will work out

    LW is at 413 atm. I didn't really spam trade nearly enough, so maybe I should indeed do that more first

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    Re: Is this viable? (powerlevelling skinning)

    Well, you will have no problem with skinning after you get your char at Borean Tundra... ofc you will have some aggro issues but if you get near the druid carebear camp you can start slaughtering packs of mammoths and rhinos like mad..
    now chances on getting artic fur are low... all the leather + grey drops will get you enough gold to start buying them anyway...

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    Re: Is this viable? (powerlevelling skinning)

    at what level can you train skinning above 400? do you not have to be a lvl 60 at least?

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    Re: Is this viable? (powerlevelling skinning)

    Gathering professions, of which skinning is one of them, have had their level requirements removed. Previously they had requirements, but I believe 3.0.2 or 3.0.3 removed them for gathering professions. For crafting professions I believe it is 65 to go about 375 though.

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    Re: Is this viable? (powerlevelling skinning)

    Don't you have to be level 68 though to enter northrend? Or is it possible to circumvent that restriction via a teleport?
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    Re: Is this viable? (powerlevelling skinning)

    first of all, hi everyone, my first time posting here.

    There is no lvl req for going to Nothrend, I got my lvl 47 druids HS in Dalaran.

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    Re: Is this viable? (powerlevelling skinning)

    Nope - there's no lvl restriction for Northrend at all. If you're a new human, dwarf or gnome and want to learn JC - the easiest way to do it is to jump onto the ship for Valgarde or Valiance Keep and get the skill from there. Likewise, anyway under lvl 58 who want to get their gathering profession above 300 can go there and get the master rank.

    To skin things in Northrend though you need to have above 350 skinning for the lower level stuff in HF/BT that'll mainly just drop Borean Leather Scraps (6 scraps make 1 piece of Borean Leather) - above 375 for things that'll start to give you better loot (arctic fur, icy dragonscales, nerubian stuff).

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    Re: Is this viable? (powerlevelling skinning)

    Nope, its not possible. You need to be level 65 to train grand master in any skill. I tested it on my level 61 shaman a few days ago.
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    Re: Is this viable? (powerlevelling skinning)

    Quote Originally Posted by ita
    Nope, its not possible. You need to be level 65 to train grand master in any skill. I tested it on my level 61 shaman a few days ago.
    Then you didn't test a secondary/gathering profession or your account specifically is bugged, take your pick.

    Check patch notes for confirmation:

    From patch notes for 3.0.3


    * The level requirements required to train gathering skills have been removed.


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    Re: Is this viable? (powerlevelling skinning)

    You can actually make Icescale Leg Armors (the epic ones) for skillups and sell them on the AH, making back any money you spend on the Arctic Furs and a bit more.

    They sell very well! I levelled Leatherworking 425-440 this way while actually making about 500G out of it, over the course of a few days.

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    Re: Is this viable? (powerlevelling skinning)

    you can take your DK to your farming area.. log it out... log in druid.. kill stuff... log in with DK, skin..

    It's just a game.

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    Re: Is this viable? (powerlevelling skinning)

    it's not allowed

    Multiboxing is allowed, but both accounts have to be on your name
    accountsharing is not allowed

    just so you know

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