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    Improoved VE

    I have take improoved VE. Ok, it must heal me for 67% of my shadow dmg, but combat log and archud says that it heal me only for 25%^^. Guys pls check it on ur chars. I'm rly interested it's only my bug or may be someone have a same problem. Or may be someone know how to fix it. thx 4 your attention.

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    Re: Improoved VE

    Improved VE increases the percentage amount healed for another 67%, so lets say normal VE heals 10% of damage, then if you spec improved VE you will increase that percentage by another 67%. so:

    67% of 10% = 6.7% + 10% = 16.7%

    meaning that you will get healed for that amount of damage you heal.

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    Re: Improoved VE

    Looking at the Talent Calculator, 25% Seems like the right number.

    Do you have any idea how OP almost 70% Of your spells healing you would've been?

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    Re: Improoved VE

    So it seems like 67% of 25% = 16.75% so it must heal for 41.75%?
    but it still heals for 25% of dmg

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    Re: Improoved VE

    If I am correct VE heals roughly 15%, and then with improved VE that should go to 25%, note though that the healing on your group is different then the healing on yourself.

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    Re: Improoved VE

    Hehe lol) look on it in ur talent tree in game) yup on mmo and wowarmory is written that it heals for 15% but in game talent description 25%^^.

    so yeah, if it in normal heals for 15% all seems correct. Come out Blizz forgot to change it's description.

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    Re: Improoved VE

    Glad I could help.

    And well my Improved fortitude buff doesnt show the exact amount either only in my spellbook ^^

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    Re: Improoved VE

    Quote Originally Posted by Comprise
    Looking at the Talent Calculator, 25% Seems like the right number.

    Do you have any idea how OP almost 70% Of your spells healing you would've been?
    fuck it, were so damn squishy anyways... it should equal to 70% of a 5k mindblast

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    Re: Improoved VE

    just as a detail. VE was 25% heal from dmg pre lk, but after lk arived it was modified so only the priest gains 25% and others get 5%. This was changed because sp was a too good healer since it's dps was increased. so the base talent now gives 15% selfheal 3% group heal, the iVE gives 33%/67% heal increase. Anf finally blizz tryes to all talents in the same way so no more questions are rising. Like talents giving 100% bonus dmg on critical spell, hits and everyone(not everyone) thought you will add 100% to the existing 150%, instead it was the critical bonus of 50%(from normal hit) increased by 100% that meaning you will add a 100%(from normal hit) to a normal hit dmg... => your crit will be 200% of normal dmg.

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    Re: Improoved VE

    it was 15% for all the group (including you) before the patch 3.0.1

    they nerfed it because, with all our new dmg buffs... this is a shit load of free healing :P

    now if you have imp VE... you heal yourself with 25% of your dmg and 5% for the group. this is very strong, when my VE is up, i can stay in aoe or use my pw: death and heal myself very fast. this is a very strong self heal. one of our best tool.

    at least we dont suck in pve!

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