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    Nerfing BS Items

    Are there any other black smither's out there a little annoyed by blizzard nerfing these items? I mean I know they would be replaced eventually but when you invest this much gold or time if you couldn't make it yourself it would be nice to know you would keep it for a while. I mean the stat drops are pretty significant imo. Guess I just needed to vent a little b/c I as a bs couldn't make too much off of these items in the first place and with them being nerfed I bet the chance to make some gold off these items will be less now.

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    Re: Nerfing BS Items

    The helms are all getting BUFFED, especially the tanking one.

    Wtf are you complaining about?
    Actually, Mr. Lennon, I CAN imagine a world with no hatred, religion, war, or violence.
    I can also imagine attacking such a world, because they would never see it coming.


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    Re: Nerfing BS Items

    How is Reducing Stats and Removing Agility Buffing for the Spiked Helm?

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    Re: Nerfing BS Items

    Sockets are making them alot better, and Sockets take up item value so they have to take it away from other stats.

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