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    ShadowPriest PvP Survivability


    I've been thinking alot about shadowpriest survivability lately.
    I know it's been a lot of talking about how resilience will fix our class, but let's face it;
    even if we gather up more resilience, so does our enemy.
    Resilience also affects our DoTs, which is nerfing our damage even more (If we're lucky to get a DoT up that is).

    Our defensive spells are Shadowform which reduces physical damage taken by 15%, Power Word: Shield, Psychic Scream and Dispersion.
    Even with these four, we're still getting killed very fast. during a normal fight I don't even have a chance of using my shield twice.
    Our fear isn't of much value either, with a 26 second cooldown talented, it can easily be trinketed.
    That leaves us without any other defensive mechanisms except pvp-trinket.
    However, a pvp-trinket does not help against counterspells and other silences.
    Our dispersion isn't helping either. All it gives us are 6 seconds of 90% less damage.
    What happens when it runs out? We die.

    I find it easier (not easy though) to face a caster class than a melee class though, and that's where I think the problem is.
    This is including hunters. With Bestial Wrath we can't even fear them, loosing another of our very few defensive spells. and their pets eats through my shield in less than a second it feels like.

    Here's my suggestion of what could be improved to let us have a fair chance in pvp.

    • Change Dispersion.
      I earlier wrote that I thought it should heal us for a small amount as well... After thinking about it, that's almost as worthless like the spell is now. This spell should do what it does right now AND make us able to cast spells during this 6 seconds, without any chance of being silenced or interrupted. That's four spells if you cast one every global cooldown. We have two spells that's not DoT's and takes a global cooldown to cast. Mind Blast and SW. SW isn't really a spell you feel like using in pvp, but while in Dispersion it might actually be useful with the 90% damage reduction. I wouldn't mind having the damage reduction reduced to 80% instead for this change to be implented. This change would also be a buff for pve, since you'd be able to cast while regenerating mana from Dispersion.
    • Give us a spell similar to druids root effect.
      This would affect melee classes, and also hunters. However, other casters wouldn't be affected by this except for them being unable to move.
      They would still be able to cast and continue as usual. Other casters have atleast two crowd control or root/snare effects. Mages have Frost Nova and Polymorph, if they're specced frost they also have Deep Freeze. Druids have Entangling Roots and Cyclone (you could also count Typhoon). Warlocks have fear, death coil and pets which can stun/silence.
      We have our fear on a 26 second cool down.
    • Increase the charge of our Inner Fire.
      I know it's said to be a cheap spell, but I don't want to waste 500mana and a global cooldown in the middle of a fight.
      I would rather pay the double amount of mana for the double amount of charges.
      If you don't increase the charges, you could atleast remove the global cooldown from this spell. It's a selfcast spell only, so I don't see how it could affect anyone in a bad way. We still pay the mana for it.
    • Fade making us immune to movement impairing effects.
      While our fade spell is active, it should make us immune to slows like crippling poison, Hamstring or Chains of Ice. I wouldn't mind having the talent increasing the cooldown of this spell, or reducing the duration of it, for this to happen.

    What's your opinion on these suggestions? Got any own suggestions? I'd love to hear them!

    Sorry for any misspells, english isn't my native language.

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    Re: ShadowPriest PvP Survivability

    Well written, but this solutions wont help alot.

    As u wrote we still getting dmg while in dispersion, so it has to be a little higher than 12%

    A root effect would be nice, it could be chastice with a longer duration than its original on a short CD (20-30s)

    More InnerFire charges? I die even before the 32 charges are used.. and if a rogue is hitting me i do have have a gcd to recast it...(renew up/shield on cd etc)

    And the change to fade would only be good if we get a root. if we wont.. we wont need snare immunity coz we cannot snare others.. may be your teampartner can but thats not alway given.

    hmm a new idea:

    Dispersion : i would add this to its current effect. U disperse into a shadowworld, makes u invisible for the duration.

    Unlike Mages Version of this u would still see all player... it may sound OP but together with imp SF and Fade a nice "Vanish" for us...

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    Re: ShadowPriest PvP Survivability

    The original version of dispertion used to be -
    * heals you for 6% hp, and restors 6% mana ever second over 6 seconds*
    But they nerfed the HP restore, saying it was to OP... yes... whatever... blizzard - SP haters.

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    Re: ShadowPriest PvP Survivability

    I dont realy recall any1 complaining about shadowpriests being OP with dispersion on beta realms... The 36% HP we used to get from it was usually gone aswell during the GCD you created when shielding yourself after dispersion was over.
    Focus fire from 2 dpsers will still kill you even with the old disperion in a matter of seconds. Its basicly just a silence followed by inevitable death

    I think the added bonus to dispersion (to make it more pvp viable) is to add "Increases healing recieved from all sources by 100%"

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    Re: ShadowPriest PvP Survivability

    I knew about Dispersion healing 36% hp on Beta. Seeing blizzard actually changed CoH to not have a cd in wotlk, which it had in beta iirc, this change wouldn't be that big. They still have all the codes needed I assume.

    The thing I want the most though is that root-effect. We got the worst cc of all casters in game, that's just a fact. A fear every 26 seconds isn't going to save my life, and Dispersion is 6 seconds of quality right hand time for your opponent.

    Quote Originally Posted by Lostprophet
    hmm a new idea:

    Dispersion : i would add this to its current effect. U disperse into a shadowworld, makes u invisible for the duration.

    Unlike Mages Version of this u would still see all player... it may sound OP but together with imp SF and Fade a nice "Vanish" for us...
    That wouldn't change anything? You're still silenced for the duration and when it's over you're dead.

    Quote Originally Posted by Il1dan
    Go post that on blizzard forums cham, this is a very good and constructive post gj
    The SP defenitly needs help
    I did post this on the european forums for those who wants to check it out.

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    Re: ShadowPriest PvP Survivability

    erm, u would be invisible for all enemys for 6s regardless u got dots etc on you. Ok, then adding "Damage done to you wont cancel the invisible effect" or something like this..

    so they cant hit you for 6s , they wont know where u are...but u can do this only every 3mins... u will be full healed and hopefully on a safer spot.

    And i didnt say ur Ideas were bad, i only said that it wouldnt be enough to catch up to the others... ok Warlocks seem to have trouble in pvp as well..

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    Re: ShadowPriest PvP Survivability

    Changed the Dispersion, came up with something else instead.

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