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    Rate my spec

    I'm about to hit 80 and was looking at spec while servers were down. This looked like the best spec for me, I'm looking for large mana pool while still getting CoH.

    Thanks, Thragh

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    Re: Rate my spec

    In my point of view, the CoH nerf made SoL totally imba.

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    Re: Rate my spec

    I dont know why you went so far in DISC and skipped inner focus and go so far into holy without gettinng its goodies.

    now im not that good with priests but im thinking

    no flaming please lol

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    Re: Rate my spec

    your link is the same thing as mine

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    Re: Rate my spec

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    Re: Rate my spec

    There is no real Holy specc

    everyone has to adjust his specc how he heals/playstyle.

    I would specc :

    I always like PoH and since CoH will be nerfed it may gonne be used a little more. PoM is already very nice and cheap and this makes it even cheaper!

    I also dont like Test of Faith, i think 6% is not worth the 3 points i have to spend.And in normal Case ur Target should not be lower than 50% ;>

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