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    Dual Gathering mod?

    Is there a simple mod or macro that will cycle between the 2 finds to show herbs then minerals back to herbs ect?

    Atm I have one one tool bar as 1 and the other at 2 and am just taping back and fourth but my fingers are getting tired, lol.

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    Re: Dual Gathering mod?

    "/castsequence reset=6 find herbs, find minerals" - that should work, the reset is for it to automatically which back to find herbs as the first one, although if you done fishing too, you could add find fish onto it and then the reset would actually be more helpful
    otherwise, just:
    /cast find herbs
    /cast find minerals
    would probably do the trick
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    Re: Dual Gathering mod?

    Wouldnt you have to keep hitting it though. I was hoping for someway in game to keep it cycling though ultimately I can make a quick ACTools macro to hit the keys that I put the spells on. I dont need anything else cause its on my DK thats L64 leveling both herbs and minerals.

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    Re: Dual Gathering mod?

    you need to use the castsequence macro as far as i can tell, just assign it to your mousewheel or a mousebutton is what i do

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